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Photo for 3net Studios

3net Studios

3net Studios employs a team of creative personnel, utilizing the world-class technology and production expertise of the parent company’s joint venture partners to produce the highest quality native 3D and 4K content available.


Photo for African Wild

African Wild

Take a journey into the secret world of Africa's largest and most dangerous animals. Travel across wild grassy savannas to untouched beaches; soar through the skies and dive deep into the ocean - all to experience the daily lives of these animals in a way you never have before.

Photo for America's National Parks

America's National Parks

This series spans the country exploring the wonders and breathtaking imagery of America's coveted national treasures, from the wonders of Yellowstone and the sandstone arches of Utah, to the world's most active volcanoes in Hawaii.

Photo for Ancient Life

Ancient Life

"Cities of the Underworld" meets "Digging For Truth" as host Brit Eaton explores the intrigue and uncovers the mysteries of once dynamic and thriving world civilizations.


Photo for Bloody Good

Bloody Good

Author and Host Mark Schatzker is a guy who takes the fascinating world of food TV by the horns. A meat expert who wrote the definitive book on steak, Schatzker travels the world in search of the best, boldest, weirdest and most delicious meats the world has to offer.

Photo for Building the Brand

Building the Brand

In this 10 part series, Building the Brand provides an immersive look at some of the world's biggest brands and most iconic products.

Photo for Bullproof


The first-of-it's-kind native 3D "sportumentary" program. Featuring some of the world's most extreme man-versus-beast encounters, this one-hour weekly series documents the danger and drama of a group of professional bullfighters as they risk their lives to save the cowboys of the Championship Bull Riding circuit.


Photo for China Revealed

China Revealed

China's beauty is little seen, often hidden and always surprising. This hour-long series explores the thronging cities, epic vistas and spiritual heartlands of this huge and mysterious nation in stunning 3D.

Photo for Crazy Land

Crazy Land

Crazy Land explores the great American subcultures and the unusual people who inhabit them.


Photo for Dark Secrets

Dark Secrets

When an abandoned industrial building is cleared for demolition, a locked door is discovered in its basement. The door conceals an archive of strange and disturbing specimens, recordings, photos and documentary films - compelling evidence of monstrous creatures and preternatural events.

Photo for Dream Defenders

Dream Defenders

Only Zane, Zoey and their supercomputer Zeus, can save the real world from the nightmare creatures of the Dreamworld.


Photo for Experience 3D

Experience 3D

This fast-paced, hour-long, thrill-ride takes viewers behind the wheel, into the sky, across the seas and more on this once-in-a-lifetime journey featuring some of the wildest experiences life has to offer. The world's biggest adventures are presented with all of the incredible dimension and reality of stunning native 3D


Photo for Feeding Time

Feeding Time

FEEDING TIME brings viewers up close like never before into the natural habits and habitats of the world's most interesting creatures.

Photo for Fields of Valor: The Civil War

Fields of Valor: The Civil War

Chronicles the tumultuous time of the Civil War in U.S. history from the unique perspective of both sides of the conflict.

Photo for Forgotten Planet

Forgotten Planet

Explore the strangest places on earth - once vibrant cities now completely devoid of all humanity. This series of one-hour programs imagines the world humans will one day leave behind by exploring what we've already abandoned. Produced by Flight 33 Productions.

Photo for From The Basement

From The Basement

An intimate concert series with some of today’s hottest artists such as Foster the People, The Shins, Feist and Aimee Mann. The show features performances from musicians without the interference of presenters or audiences, allowing the artists to show off their work in it’s truest form and letting their raw talent speak.


Photo for High Octane

High Octane

The action/adventure series HIGH OCTANE takes adrenaline to a new level, bringing viewers along for the wildest rides.

Photo for Hillbilly Blood: A Hard Scrabble Life - Season 2

Hillbilly Blood: A Hard Scrabble Life - Season 2

In Season Two of Hillbilly Blood, Eugene Runkis and Spencer Bolejack show living off the grid is an incredible journey. Using their mountain skills, they concoct outrageous gadgets to help them along the way. Sunken logs, venomous snakes and dangerous abandoned mines, and more are no match for these boys.

Photo for Hillbilly Blood: A Hardscrabble Life

Hillbilly Blood: A Hardscrabble Life

Follows two mountain men who demonstrate backwoods ingenuity deep in the mountains of Appalachia.


Photo for I (Almost) Got Away With It

I (Almost) Got Away With It

Randall Zandstra shot his ex-wife's boyfriend and got 12 years in jail. Due to a technicality, there was a retrial. Zandstra fled, ran to Vegas, winning big in poker and running mail fraud. Authorities finally track him down and he is now in a NJ prison.

Photo for In the Qube

In the Qube

IN THE QUBE brings viewers the very latest on what's new and news in 3D.

Photo for Indy 500: The Inside Line

Indy 500: The Inside Line

The world's first 3D coverage of the Indianapolis 500 gives viewers an in-depth look at the event preparations and the action of race day as seen through the eyes of today's most dynamic drivers.


Photo for Jewels of the World

Jewels of the World

JEWELS OF THE WORLD adds a spectacular new dimension to the world's most mysterious and fascinating locations.


Photo for Live Fire

Live Fire

LIVE FIRE takes adrenaline to a new level, bringing viewers along for the most intense military training possible.


Photo for Oceana Airshow

Oceana Airshow

Highlighting the Oceana Air Show in 3D, experience high performance aerial maneuvers and pyrotechnics from the world’s elite professionals as well as thrilling tactical demonstrations by the Navy’s best aviators.


Photo for Puppy Bowl VII

Puppy Bowl VII

A record 9.2 million viewers watched the latest in the long-running annual event which takes place during Super Bowl Sunday. Now the native 3D version comes to 3net. The program features nearly 50 cuddly rescue puppies of all breeds brought together on a 19-foot long field to battle it out.


Photo for River Monsters 3D

River Monsters 3D

In southern Africa there are rumors of a deadly fish that lurks unseen in the eerie waters of the Okavango. A killer with shark-like teeth, there are stories of hunting in packs, feeding frenzies on schooling fish…and even human bodies. Jeremy Wade is on a mission to see if he can track down and identi


Photo for Safari Park Adventure 3D

Safari Park Adventure 3D

Get up close and personal with the park's resident animals.

Photo for Scary Tales

Scary Tales

Unlike anything you've seen in 2D or 3D, Scary Tales is scripted series so weird and fantastic, it needs an extra dimension just to contain itself.

Photo for Skeleton, Inc.

Skeleton, Inc.

Skeleton, Inc. shows the true-life story of one very unusual family who has made a business of turning animal and even human bodies into works of skeletal art.

Photo for Sky Soldier

Sky Soldier

The original, one-hour special – narrated by Bill Paxton - recounts the personal war-time journey of Major Joel Glenn, a Silver- Star-decorated two-tour soldier, who leaves his young wife and family and plunges head-long into service as a helicopter pilot in the Army at the start of U.S. combat involvement in 1965.

Photo for Storm Surfers

Storm Surfers

The series follows surfing legends and best friends Ross Clarke-Jones - a Australian Surfing Hall of Fame inductee - and two-time surfing World Champion Tom Carroll as they work with genius surf-forecaster Ben Matson to hunt down Mother Nature’s biggest waves and surf the planet’s most dangerous breaks.


Photo for Tough Love Garage

Tough Love Garage

An offbeat series featuring several unique characters in a custom car business.


Photo for Your World in 3D

Your World in 3D

3D Creative Awards

Photo for Your World in 3D: The 2012 Creative Arts Awards

Your World in 3D: The 2012 Creative Arts Awards

Exclusive access to the red carpet and behind-the-scenes interviews from the International 3D Society’s Annual 2012 Creative Arts Awards.