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Tennessee Wraith Chasers

To learn more about the Tennessee Wraith Chasers (TWC), please visit their website at

“Respect, detect, collect” is TWC’s motto and the core process they follow in every investigation on GHOST ASYLUM. Stepping into locations that only the bravest dare to enter, TWC meshes scientific methodology and ghost-hunting gadgets with their Tennessee wit and thirst for adventure. Their goal isn’t just to communicate with restless souls, but to physically capture them in custom-created ghost traps and help them find peace beyond the gates of their ghostly tomb. They are a serious team of paranormal investigators and researchers that takes pride in honesty and learning something new with every case. The team consists of Chris, the founder; Doogie, the co-founder; Porter, the historian; Brannon, the trap inventor; and Chasey Ray, the trap engineer.

Chris Smith
Chris is a Native of Gallatin TN who after experiencing his own paranormal encounter years back, became deeply curious of the apparitions known in the field as “shadow people”, dark humanoid forms or evasive spectres also known in some cultures as “wraiths” seen mostly in peripheral vision. This would later inspire Chris to apply and win a spot on SyFy’s Ghost Hunters Academy. Chris trained  under Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango of SyFy’s Ghost Hunters. He did very well on the investigations with GHA and was given high remarks by the team leaders. He then returned home to Tennessee and founded The Tennessee Wraith Chasers. TWC takes great pride in the fact that they work together as a single unit, no front men and no egotistical BS. Each member of the team brings their own skill set and leading role to the evolution of TWC.

Doogie (Steven McDougal)
Raised in a historic, and some say haunted, area of Tennessee, Doogie’s interest in the paranormal started at a young age. Now, he and his family believe their current home is haunted. Living there and experiencing supernatural activity has driven him to study the paranormal and investigate unexplained phenomenon in the surrounding area.

Scott Porter
Molded by a strict Missionary Baptist mother and father, Porter experienced an unexplainable event as a child that fueled his interest in the paranormal. One morning, he awoke to the smell of breakfast filling his boyhood home. He saw who he thought was his mother in a very unfamiliar robe cooking at the stove only to find out later that he was home alone, his family having gone out earlier. Porter believes he undoubtedly experienced a paranormal event and now studies other strange occurrences by looking to historical record and The Bible for answers.

Brannon Smith
Trap Inventer
Brannon is the younger brother of Chris and an aspiring physicist. Like Chris, Brannon was raised in a strict missionary Baptist upbringing and a sceptic of the paranormal. Being an extremely analytical thinker, he tries to explore every scientific explanation possible before considering something is paranormal. To help inspire evidence, Brannon likes facing possible entities head-on to provoke a response.

Chasey Ray McKnight
Trap Engineer
Intrigued by an unexplainable experience he had when he was younger, Chasey Ray has been fueled by curiosity for the paranormal ever since. He is often the go-to team member for building new and experimental pieces of equipment used in investigations. He is extremely tech savvy and knowledgeable in the fields of relative physics and applied science. Each supernatural mystery Chasey encounters while investigating drives him to find answers about what truly waits for us at the end.