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Photo for A Haunting

A Haunting

Sometimes real evil lurks in the darkest shadows and in the most ordinary places; this is where nightmares become reality. A HAUNTING showcases some of the scariest stories of supernatural activity known to man through spellbinding first-person accounts.

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Alaska Haunting

In Alaska, no one can hear you when you scream.

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Alaska Monsters

In ALASKA MONSTERS, a team of native outdoorsmen known as the Midnight Sons explores the Alaska Triangle in a quest to uncover proof of the cryptic creatures thought to be living there.


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BBQ Pit Wars

Follow top competitors in the BBQ circuit as they engage in heated BBQ battle to dethrone the King of ‘Cue, Myron Mixon.

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BBQ Pitmasters

The high-stakes world of competitive barbecuing is back! Destination America is serving up a mouth-watering helping of pulled-pork perfection and beautifully braised beef with the smokin’ series, BBQ PITMASTERS.

Photo for Buying Alaska

Buying Alaska

Dive into the tough task of purchasing a home with no running water, electricity, indoor bathrooms and, in some cases, even roads when BUYING ALASKA heads to the last great American Frontier to learn what it takes to own a treasured piece of the untamed north.

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Buying the Bayou

Transporting viewers deep into the swamps, marshes, and waterways of America's Gulf Coast to see houses that simply can't be found anywhere else in the country, each episode combines Cajun real estate agents and quirky clients to create irresistible television gumbo.

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Buying the Beach

This summer, Destination America plunges into paradise with the newest addition to its popular “Buying” franchise, which includes hit series Buying Alaska and Buying the Bayou, with BUYING THE BEACH. Spanning more than 95,000 miles of the U.S. coastline from Alaska to California and from Texas to Maine, watch as the all

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Buying the Rockies

BUYING THE ROCKIES follows a real American family looking to leave conventional homes behind and find the log cabin of their dreams in the Rocky Mountains.


Photo for Destination America Upfront Programming 2016-17

Destination America Upfront Programming 2016-17

Destination America unveils its 2016-17 Upfront programming slate and upcoming premieres for Spring 2016.


Photo for Ghost Asylum

Ghost Asylum

Ghost Asylum follows one of the most passionate paranormal teams in America, the Tennessee Wraith Chasers, as they investigate the ultimate in ghost hunting locations – an abandoned asylum.

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Ghost Brothers

Blending natural curiosity with comedic flair, the Southeast's newest paranormal investigation team offers a fresh, funny and unique take on the spirit world.

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Ghostly Encounters

GHOSTLY ENCOUNTERS takes you on a chilling ride through fascinating and highly personal ghost stories, combining the exhilarating drama of the incident with a critical in-depth look at the questions behind it.


Photo for Killing Bigfoot

Killing Bigfoot

One team is on a mission to prove once and for all that Bigfoot exists by harvesting a DNA sample for scientific evidence, even if that means killing the monster to get it.


No Image Available

Most Haunted

Destination America is resurrecting the iconic series with episodes featuring original cast members.

Photo for Mountain Monsters

Mountain Monsters

MOUNTAIN MONSTERS follows a team of expert hunters and trappers as they defend their mountain brethren from mysterious monsters that have spawned countless sightings in the Appalachian wilderness for generations.


No Image Available

Paranormal Lockdown

Ghost-hunting all-stars Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman confine themselves for an unprecedented 72 hours straight in some of America's most haunted locations, some being investigated for the first time ever!

No Image Available

Paranormal Survivor

Do you believe in ghosts, poltergeists, and demons? Paranormal Survivor will take you through terrifying real-life encounters with the supernatural.


Photo for Railroad Alaska

Railroad Alaska

RAILROAD ALASKA follows an elite crew of workers - brakemen, engineers and drivers - as they battle ferocious weather and treacherous terrain to keep the State of Alaska’s critical, 650-mile long, railroad rolling through the extreme winter.

Photo for Red, White and You

Red, White and You

Destination America and USA TODAY are bringing the RED, WHITE AND YOU contest to two deserving American towns with the opportunity to win a spectacular Fourth of July celebration complete with food, entertainment and, of course, fireworks!