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9/11: The Lost Hero

When the Twin Towers fell, two police officers became trapped beneath the rubble. Their rescue seemed impossible, but then a mysterious soldier conducted the most incredible rescue mission of 9/11 before vanishing without a trace.


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A Haunting

Sometimes real evil lurks in the darkest shadows and in the most ordinary places; this is where nightmares become reality. A HAUNTING showcases some of the scariest stories of supernatural activity known to man through spellbinding first-person accounts.

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Alaska Haunting (wt)

In Alaska, no one can hear you when you scream.

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Alaska Monsters

In ALASKA MONSTERS, a team of native outdoorsmen known as the Midnight Sons explores the Alaska Triangle in a quest to uncover proof of the cryptic creatures thought to be living there.


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BBQ Pit Wars

Follow top competitors in the BBQ circuit as they engage in heated BBQ battle to dethrone the King of ‘Cue, Myron Mixon.

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BBQ Pitmasters

The high-stakes world of competitive barbecuing is back! Destination America is serving up a mouth-watering helping of pulled-pork perfection and beautifully braised beef with the smokin’ series, BBQ PITMASTERS.

Photo for Buying Alaska

Buying Alaska

Dive into the tough task of purchasing a home with no running water, electricity, indoor bathrooms and, in some cases, even roads when BUYING ALASKA heads to the last great American Frontier to learn what it takes to own a treasured piece of the untamed north.

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Buying the Bayou

Transporting viewers deep into the swamps, marshes, and waterways of America's Gulf Coast to see houses that simply can't be found anywhere else in the country, each episode combines Cajun real estate agents and quirky clients to create irresistible television gumbo.

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Buying the Beach

This summer, Destination America plunges into paradise with the newest addition to its popular “Buying” franchise, which includes hit series Buying Alaska and Buying the Bayou, with BUYING THE BEACH. Spanning more than 95,000 miles of the U.S. coastline from Alaska to California and from Texas to Maine, watch as the all

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Buying the Rockies

BUYING THE ROCKIES follows a real American family looking to leave conventional homes behind and find the log cabin of their dreams in the Rocky Mountains.


Photo for Cheating Vegas

Cheating Vegas

CHEATING VEGAS takes viewers inside some of the most fascinating and elaborate scams of modern gaming to ever take on Las Vegas's casino mecca. Experienced cheaters will use anything to push the odds in their favor, from the complex mathematics of counting cards to the devious sting of computer hacking and spyware.


Photo for Deep Fried Masters

Deep Fried Masters

Sit back and relax with a deep fried frozen margarita as Destination America takes you to the fairgounds for heated compeition in the new season of DEEP FRIED MASTERS, premiering Saturday, July 12 at 10/9c

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Destination America Remembers 9/11

Special 9/11 Programming Airs Tuesday, September 5 and Wednesday, September 6



Destination America announces its 2014-15 upfront slate with a host of new and returning series and specials.

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On the heels of its best year ever and ranking among cable's top five fastest growing networks , Destination America is taking its success on a cross-country road trip this 2015-16 upfront season in a programming slate packed with fun and all-American entertainment.

Photo for Disney Week

Disney Week

Experience the secrets, the stories, and the magic of the places where dreams come true! Whether you have kids or you’re still a kid at heart, Destination America’s DISNEY WEEK will put a twinkle in your eye with five nights of programming dedicated to the wonderful world of Disney.


Photo for Epic


EPIC explores the most excessive and outrageous items for which people are willing to fork over their life’s savings. From tricked out RVs and floating homes to one-of-a-kind pools and BBQ pits, EPIC shows how these splurges were made, how they work, and why people go to such great lengths to acquire their dream.

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Epic America

Beautifully shot and powerfully narrated, EPIC AMERICA is the result of 3,000 days spent filming with cutting-edge cameras across 29 states to capture our country’s beauty and ferocity like never before.


Photo for Fast Food Mania

Fast Food Mania

Our host Jon Hein, a pop culture guru and burger-and-fry aficionado who hosts the "The Fast Food Show" on Howard Stern's Sirius/XM station, travels across the country and around the globe to celebrate our favorite fast food treats and search for the most unusual fast food items and outposts.

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Food Factory

Destination America’s new series FOOD FACTORY takes viewers behind the scenes to see how some of America’s most beloved products are made. From iconic international brands to mom-and-pop products, each involves a process ripe with zigs, zags, swoops, and alleyoops as they travel down the production line.


Photo for Ghost Asylum

Ghost Asylum

Ghost Asylum follows one of the most passionate paranormal teams in America, the Tennessee Wraith Chasers, as they investigate the ultimate in ghost hunting locations – an abandoned asylum.

Photo for Ghost Stalkers

Ghost Stalkers

In GHOST STALKERS, two men who crossed over investigate the afterlife that they encountered for a brief, eye-opening moment by exploring American locations that are rumored to house doorways to another dimension.

Photo for Ghost Town Gold

Ghost Town Gold

Brit Eaton and Scott Glaves explore the last frontier of American archaeology - the old ghost towns, abandoned mining camps, and industrial graveyards of the Wild West - in search of collectible artifacts from a bygone era.


Photo for Hidden in America

Hidden in America

Travel behind the veil of secrecy to explore a members-only world. Featuring interviews with individuals directly tied to each group, these first-hand insights reveal little-known facts and breathe a gripping reality into communities largely shrouded in mystery and legend.

Photo for Hillbilly Blood

Hillbilly Blood

Everyone's favorite country-living MacGyvers, Eugene Runkis and Spencer "Two-Dogs" Boljack, are back for a new season in the backwoods of Cold Mountain, N.C., a land known for fascinating characters and deep-rooted tradition where folks live off the land just like their parents and grandparents before them.

Photo for Hillbilly Thrill Rides & Mud Country

Hillbilly Thrill Rides & Mud Country

Each show features self-proclaimed rednecks who have harnessed their down-home ingenuity to create some of the most eccentric, unregulated, and epic amusements America has to offer.

Photo for Holy Smokers

Holy Smokers

They pray hard and compete even harder.This competition takes smoked meats to heavenly heights when the holiest of expert BBQ judges descend on a small town church gathering offering the congregation a chance to win money for their favorite local charity.


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Impact Wrestling

Brace for IMPACT on Destination America!




One team is on a mission to prove once and for all that Bigfoot exists by harvesting a DNA sample for scientific evidence, even if that means killing the monster to get it.

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King of Thrones

KING OF THRONES is transforming boring, old and downright disgusting bathrooms into over-the-top prized potties and more. From a portable latrine that can keep an angler’s “seat” warm while ice fishing, to a tech-lovers high-class fortress of solitude, the new home improvement series builds porcela thrones fit for a king


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Last Call Food Brawl

Each episode visits a different American city to challenge four cooks, hailing from 24-hour diners to mom and pop eateries, in a cook-off to determine who will be crowned the king or queen of late night bites.


Photo for Monsters and Mysteries in America

Monsters and Mysteries in America

Mysterious shadows. Screams in the night. A hair-raising sense that something is watching. Stories of the unknown capture our imagination and curiosity in MONSTERS AND MYSTERIES IN AMERICA.

Photo for Mountain Monsters

Mountain Monsters

MOUNTAIN MONSTERS follow a team of expert hunters and trappers as they defend their mountain brethren from mysterious monsters that have spawned countless sightings in the Appalachian wilderness for generations.


Photo for The Paranormal Project

The Paranormal Project

In THE PARANORMAL PROJECT, real people take it upon themselves to capture evidence of supernatural phenomena in their homes. No investigators. No camera crew. The most terrifying haunted house may be your own.


Photo for Railroad Alaska

Railroad Alaska

RAILROAD ALASKA follows an elite crew of workers - brakemen, engineers and drivers - as they battle ferocious weather and treacherous terrain to keep the State of Alaska’s critical, 650-mile long, railroad rolling through the extreme winter.

Photo for Red, White and You

Red, White and You

Destination America and USA TODAY are bringing the RED, WHITE AND YOU contest to two deserving American towns with the opportunity to win a spectacular Fourth of July celebration complete with food, entertainment and, of course, fireworks!

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Ring of Honor

RING OF HONOR has been delivering top wrestling matches for ten years with captivating hard-hitting stars such as Jay & Mark Briscoe, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, The Young Bucks, Maria Kanellis, Adam Cole and Jay Lethal.


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Ultimate BBQ Showdown

The best BBQ pitmasters in the country travel to Houston to grill and smoke their way to the top in the ultimate Barbecue showdown. BBQ PITMASTERS judges Myron Mixon and Tuffy Stone go head-to-head in this special which pits master class BBQ chefs against one another.

Photo for United States of Bacon

United States of Bacon

Have no fear, bacon is here! With Americans gobbling up more than 1.7 billion pounds of bacon each year, Destination America brings bacon buffs what they crave with an all-new series, UNITED STATES OF BACON.

Photo for United States of Food

United States of Food

In this celebration of America's obsession with meat, host Chef Todd Fisher draws from his life-long passion for food to explore tasty eats that people across the nation can't get enough of, from bacon to steaks to burgers.


Photo for When Ghosts Attack

When Ghosts Attack

Watch WHEN GHOSTS ATTACK, if you dare. Destination America's all-new series flickers to life just in time for Halloween season to expose what happens when an unseen, evil entity not only reveals itself to the living but strikes with terrifying force.

Photo for When Turkeys Attack

When Turkeys Attack

Of the 44 million turkeys that grace American tables each year, a disapproving few choose fight over flight as Turkey Day nears. Thankfully, Americans had their cameras rolling.