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Photo for Cafe Racer

Cafe Racer

Some of the coolest motorcycles in history are hitting the screen when HD Theater launches its new series, CAFÉ RACER. This 13-part series airing every Wednesday explores the history, development and worldwide culture surrounding the café racer, a motorcycle directly responsible for today’s superbikes.

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Chasing Classic Cars

CHASING CLASSIC CARS follows Wayne Carini, a premier Ferrari expert and master automobile restorer, as he embarks on a personal mission to uncover great cars and secret collections. Scouring the countryside looking for forgotten classic automobiles, Carini searches barns and warehouses and literally goes underground to …


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Daytona 500: The Inside Story

NASCAR comes to HDTheater this summer with the heart-pounding special, DAYTONA 500: THE INSIDE STORY. The one-hour documentary, produced by award-winning NASCAR Media Group, will offer viewers an exclusive look back at the unforgettable 53rd installment of motorsports' most iconic race.


Photo for HD Theater Upfront 2011

HD Theater Upfront 2011

HD Theater Upfront 2011

Photo for HD Theater's Upfront Images: 2010/2011

HD Theater's Upfront Images: 2010/2011

Images for HD Theater's Upfront Season 2010/2011


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Inside West Coast Customs

All-new series Inside West Coast Customs gives an exclusive look into the world of famed car customizing business West Coast Customs. In each episode, West Coast Customs founder Ryan Friedlinghaus and his team revamp an ordinary vehicle to make it a one-of-a-kind drive for celebrities and corporations.

Photo for Isle of Man TT 2010

Isle of Man TT 2010

The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy is the world’s oldest motorcycle race, where racers circumnavigate the Isle of Man on its death-defying 37-mile course. Known as one of the most challenging motorcycle races on Earth due to its epic road course, the Isle of Man TT grabs the world’s attention every year.


Photo for Lightscapes


Discovery’s HD Theater Premieres LIGHTSCAPES, Episode One Opens the Doors of Sacred Japan to American Audiences in a Whole New Light


Photo for Mecum Auto Auction: Muscle Cars and More

Mecum Auto Auction: Muscle Cars and More

Building upon the series’ 2008 success, HD Theater announced today the remainder of its 2009 live auction schedule with the return of MECUM AUTO AUCTION: MUSCLE CARS AND MORE. This high-octane high-definition series features Mecum Auction Company’s premier events, which specialize in selling high-end muscle cars, timele…


Photo for Off Road Championship

Off Road Championship

Experience two tons of flying metal at speeds exceeding 100 MPH as the battles wage in the World's premier short course off road truck racing series, The Off Road Championship.


Photo for Sunrise Earth

Sunrise Earth

Sunrise. Nature's alarm clock for the land, the sea, and the myriad of creatures who call our planet home. Accompany us on a tranquil high definition journey into the landscapes of Central America, Asia and Europe as we enjoy the sights and the ambient sounds associated with the first light of a new day dawning.


Photo for World Rally Championship

World Rally Championship

HD Theater brings all the excitement and heart-pounding action of the 2009 WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP to life with this new, 12-part series coming in October.