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Cafe Racer

premieres Wednesday, October 13 at 9 PM ET on HD Theater

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Some of the coolest motorcycles in history are hitting the screen when HD Theater launches its new series, CAFÉ RACER. This 13-part series airing every Wednesday explores the history, development and worldwide culture surrounding the café racer, a motorcycle directly responsible for today's superbikes. CAFÉ RACER premieres Wednesday, October 13 at 9 PM ET on HD Theater.

CAFÉ RACER visits visionary motorcycle builders in the U.S. and England as they search for the perfect combination of style and speed. Chronicling some of today's top motorcycle builders through the search and build process, CAFÉ RACER rides with pro superbike racers Eric and Ben Bostrom as they test ride these unique machines. Recorded in vivid high definition, CAFÉ RACER takes viewers on a full-throttle ride to Mods and Rockers rallies and to London's legendary Ace Café. Celebrity café racers including musician Billy Joel and actor Jason Lee share their passion for fast stripped-down motorcycles, while viewers can catch behind-the-scenes footage and learn how-to customizing tips at