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New Podcast from ID || New Episodes Drop on Tuesdays

August 30, 2022

Contact - Lena Rawley
Senior Publicist


–  Listen to KILLER QUESTIONS WITH DARYN CARP Now With New Episodes Dropping on Tuesdays –  

(New York, N.Y.) – From irregular investigations and inexplicable behavior to questionable evidence and debatable trials, Daryn Carp revisits complex and confounding cases on a quest to uncover the bone-chilling truths of cases. The ID original podcast, KILLER QUESTIONS WITH DARYN CARP, launches today, Tuesday, August 30, with new episodes dropping every Tuesday on Apple, Spotify or wherever you get your favorite podcasts.

Daryn Carp is a true crime obsessive for the obsessed. After covering astonishing cases of love gone wrong and horrific deceit in Betrayal, Carp digs deeper. In her pursuit to piece together perplexing and controversial cases, Carp is joined by guests who will provide credible, thoughtful and often provocative answers to her unanswered questions about each case. From questionable evidence and unreliable witnesses to cold-case mysteries, Carp is bringing answers to light with a lot of twists and turns along the way.  

The episode available today, “Murder or Suicide?,” Daryn Carp is joined by Cumberland Times reporter Teresa McMinn to dive into a baffling case that sounds like a tragic riddle: two friends walk to a cliff’s edge in the Appalachian Mountains of Western Maryland, but only one of them comes home alive. What really happened on that cliff? The killing of Alexander Stevens is riddled with rumors and inconsistencies, and Carp and McMinn dive in to get to the truth of the case. 

Additional episodes of KILLER QUESTIONS WITH DARYN CARP are below, with future episodes to be announced.

Who is Lori Ruff? (with Citizen Detective Kenda Martinez)

Drops on Tuesday, September 6 

When Lori Ruff dies by suicide, her family finds a hidden box containing documents suggesting there is much more to her tragic story.  Who, or what, was Lori running from? What had she done, and what was done to her? Was Lori even her real name? And who is to blame for her eventual suicide? Lori’s death opened a pandora’s box of unanswered questions. Host Daryn Carp is joined by Kenda Martinez, the citizen sleuth who led a community of online detectives to get to the bottom of Lori’s story.


Wife, Mother, Murderer? (with Investigative Journalist Jessica Lauren)

Drops on Tuesday, September 13

A wife and mother of two calls 911 claiming an intruder shot her husband, but as investigators dig deeper they find stunning inconsistencies in Kim Boone’s story. What about this perplexing crime scene?  How did the fire in the home start? Did domestic abuse play a role? Why didn’t anyone believe Kim’s husband when he said his wife was trying to kill him? Host Daryn Carp is joined by investigative journalist Jessica Lauren to unearth and attempt to answer all her burning questions about this perplexing case and its unbelievable aftermath.


Serial Arsonist, Serial Killer? (with Fire Investigator and Author Ron Ryan)

Drops on Tuesday, September 20

After a childhood marred by trauma, a woman goes on a decades-long fire-setting spree resulting in several deaths. Did Shirley Winters mean to kill, or was this arson gone out of control? Why was she able to remain free for so long while tragedy followed in her wake? Is this a case of inherited trauma manifesting, or intentional murder, or both? Host Daryn Carp digs into her perplexing questions surrounding this case and is joined by fire investigator Ron Ryan, who also wrote a novel based on the life and crimes of Shirley Winters. 


Can Hypnosis Truths Be Lies? (with Dallas Morning News Reporter Lauren McGaughy)

Drops on Tuesday, September 27

A Texas man is inexplicably sentenced to death row based on the testimony of a hypnotized witness.  But can this testimony be believed?  Why was the witness allowed to change her recollection? Can investigative hypnosis be considered an effective tool for law enforcement? And how many people are in prison right now as a result of this practice, particularly in Texas? Host Daryn Carp is joined by Dallas Morning News reporter Lauren McGaughy to rewind the tape and parse through the details of this hypnotizing case against Charles Don Flores.


When Does Being a Fan Turn Deadly? (with Author, Dr. James Horan)

Drops on Tuesday, October 4

An American actress is killed by her stalker, paving the way for a whole new category of crime: murder by celebrity obsession. But if the stalker claims mental illness, how does that affect the trial? What anti-stalking laws were born as a result of this case? And had she not been famous, would Rebecca Shaeffer still be alive? Host Daryn Carp is joined by Dr. James Horan, author of “Celebrity Worshippers: Inside the Minds of Stargazer” to get answers to all her burning questions about this case.


Innocent Until Proven Guilty? (with Defense Attorney Ralph “Terry” Hadley)

Drops on Tuesday, October 11

A man is convicted of brutally killing his family on Christmas Eve, but his trial brings an alarming amount of inconsistencies and unanswered questions. How do prosecutors explain the perplexing crime scene?  Did the judge have it out for the defendant at the trial? And with new evidence pointing towards his innocence, why hasn’t there been a successful appeal? Host Daryn Carp is taken aback by this potential miscarriage of justice and is joined by defense attorney Ralph ‘Terry’ Hadley III to dive into the details of the case against Tommy Ziegler.


About the host, Daryn Carp

As a former NBC Page rocking the grey suit that Kenneth made famous on "30 Rock," Daryn came right out of the Page Program to assist Andy Cohen. While at Bravo, Daryn created her own web series,“@sk Andy,” a bi-weekly program that she hosts and runs. At the start of 2014, Andy and Daryn began a new production company, Most Talkative. Daryn is a people person and gives a down-to-earth and youthful perspective. She is able to “hang with the boys” and “dish with the girls” regarding anything from sports to fashion to politics, and even true crime. In 2021, Daryn scored her own podcast for discovery+ and ID called Betrayal with Daryn Carp and in the fall, she was featured on ID’s Gabby Petito: An ID Special Report  as a pundit. She also is currently working on her second Investigation Discovery podcast, Killer Questions with Daryn Carp, launching today.


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