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–Series Premiere Tuesday, March 8th on ID at 9/8c– – Available to Stream the Same Day on discovery+–

March 8, 2022

Contact - Lena Rawley
Senior Publicist


(New York, NY) – In her twelve years as a Crime Scene Investigator for Orange County, Florida, C.S.I Alina Burroughs investigated some of the most startling and devastating cases in the country – from the tragic 2008 death of toddler Caylee Anthony to the 2016 Pulse nightclub massacre.   Through her work she has learned that people may not always tell the truth, but the forensic evidence never lies. In a gripping new ID series, Burroughs revisits controversial and shocking murder cases from across the country, taking a fresh look at the forensic evidence with the hope to bring more clarity to these complex crimes and closure to those the victims left behind. Starting Tuesday, March 8th, new episodes of CRIME SCENE CONFIDENTIAL will premiere on ID at 9/8c and be available to stream the same day on discovery+

The first episode of the series explores the evidence in the death of Caylee Anthony and the subsequent trial of her mother, Casey Anthony.  Talking to the detectives who investigated the case and interrogated Casey Anthony as a suspect as well as chief medical examiner Dr. Jan Garavaglia who pronounced the cause of death and testified in the trial, Burroughs reveals why those investigating and prosecuting the case felt they had the evidence to go to trial.  Burroughs also reflects on her own time working the scene where Caylee’s remains were found and her testimony on the stand. The episode culminates with an emotional interview with Cindy Anthony, Caylee’s grandmother, who first reported the toddler missing.  While Casey Anthony was found not guilty, the case continues to haunt those who investigated the crime.

“Alina possesses an uncanny ability to see what others cannot when assessing a case and she brings a fresh mix of forensic expertise and compassion to CRIME SCENE CONFIDENTIAL.” said Jason Sarlanis, President of Crime & Investigative Content. “We think true crime fans will be riveted watching Alina navigate the complex forensic evidence of these crimes – giving viewers and in some cases law enforcement a completely different perspective on these tragic events, especially as she revisits the biggest case of her career, the tragic death of Caylee Anthony.” 

Throughout the six episode series, Burroughs investigates the evidence in some truly baffling murder cases ranging from a deadly fall from a balcony that turns out to be even more twisted than initially thought, to the case of the unexpected death of a young college student that was believed to be closed.  From the unknown to the sensational, Burroughs uses her years of training to see the clues and uncover the mysteries that only an expert C.S.I. could catch, while also having emotional, and sometimes tense, conversations with both the victim’s loved ones, and, at times, even the suspected or convicted perpetrator to understand more about the case. 

With every case, Burroughs brings not only her forensic expertise, but a compassionate and empathetic understanding of the lingering trauma these cases can have on the family members and loved ones – even after a verdict has been delivered. In each episode of CRIME SCENE CONFIDENTIAL Burroughs hopes to resolve any lingering misconceptions or mysteries around these agonizing crimes. 

CRIME SCENE CONFIDENTIAL is produced for ID by Attraction with Richard Speer, Nicole Hamilton and David Cargill serving as Executive Producers. Jeanie Vink is Executive Producer for ID. 


New Episodes Premiere Tuesdays at 9/8c starting March 8, available to stream the same day on discovery+ 

My Search for Caylee Anthony 

Airing Tuesday, March 8 at 9/8c, available to stream the same day on discovery+ 

CSI Alina Burroughs opens the vault on one of her most notorious cases, the death of toddler Caylee Anthony. Re-examining the grim clues, including a controversial strip of duct tape, Alina tries to let the evidence speak for a child without a voice. 

Justice for Michelle

Airing Tuesday, March 15 at 9/8c, available to stream the same day on discovery+ 

CSI Alina Burroughs is eager to determine whether Michelle Witherell accidentally fell from her balcony, died by suicide or was murdered.  Searching for the truth, she navigates a maze of conflicting pathology reports.

Cracking Brian’s Case

Airing Tuesday, March 22 at 9/8c available to stream the same day on discovery+ 

When family man Brian Hughes is found dead in his living room, it looks like a robbery gone wrong. The evidence soon suggests a plot hatched from inside his home and CSI Alina Burroughs deciphers the ballistics to give a silenced victim the final word.

*Additional episode air dates, titles and descriptions forthcoming.

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