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BTK: Chasing a Serial Killer

Three-hour world premiere special debuts Friday, September 4th at 9/8c

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On January 15, 1974, police arrived on the scene of the most brutal murders Wichita, Kansas had ever witnessed; four members of the same family, including a nine year old boy and an eleven year old girl. Law enforcement could not imagine that this was only the start of thirty years of terror, courtesy of Bind, Torture, Kill -- the longest running serial killer in American history. BTK claimed victims across three decades as whole generations of investigators dedicated themselves to his capture. His grisly legacy not only cut short the lives of his many victims, but left deep and lasting scars on their families. The police that hunted him and the journalists who covered him were also left deeply affected by the grim proceedings. But perhaps the people BTK traumatized the most were his own family. BTKL A KILLER AMONG US recounts the notorious killer's crimes, the decades long investigation that captured him, and the effect his brutal murders had on everyone in his orbit, especially his daughter who speaks openly about what it is like to be the daughter of a serial killer.