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Garage Squad - Season 3

World Premieres Wednesday, Aug. 24 at 10 PM ET

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Across America countless car aficionados have bought a less than perfect version of their dream car hoping their amateur mechanical chops would return that lackluster ride to glory. Too often dreams of automotive grandeur are wrecked by a lack of money, time and knowhow, leaving garages cluttered with cars, car parts and tools gathering dust.  Fortunately, many of these well-meaning automotive enthusiasts are setting pride aside and opening their garage doors to Velocity’s GARAGE SQUAD whose #squadgoals include hearing the powerful rumble of a rebuilt engine; seeing the sun glare off a newly polished, rejuvenated bodywork; feeling the rush of hefty horsepower; and bringing joyful tears to even the most hardened car owners. The all new season of GARAGE SQUAD starring National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) driver Bruno Massel, lead mechanic Joe Zolper, and co-host Heather Storm premieres Wednesday, August 24 at 10 PM ET/PT only on Velocity.

Season three of GARAGE SQUAD opens on Wednesday, August 24 beginning at 10 PM ET/PT with special back-to-back episodes. In the first episode the squad visits Chicago where a legendary 1987 Buick Grand National awaits their magic touch. Edwin, the Grand National’s owner, desperately wants to return the car to being a prime example of American Muscle. The GARAGE SQUAD doesn’t disappoint working tirelessly to overhaul the car’s breaks, turbo and interior, and get this 80s icon back to cruising down the road.