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2015-2016 Velocity Upfront Slate

Velocity’s 2015-16 programming slate of 12 top returning franchises and several new series look to strengthen ratings with more than 220 premiere hours featuring the very best experts, compelling stories and the biggest, brightest personalities of the automotive world.

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24 Hours of Le Mans -- 2020

MotorTrend, in partnership with Discovery owned Eurosport, is bringing race fans every angle and every hour of this year’s 24 HOURS OF LE MANS.


Photo for All Girls Garage

All Girls Garage

ALL GIRLS GARAGE taps into the expertise of three women working behind the gears at an automotive shop. In each episode, the women approach complex projects that rival those undertaken by their male counterparts in order to prove they have what it takes to run a female-dominated car shop.

Photo for All Girls Garage Season 3

All Girls Garage Season 3

ALL GIRLS GARAGE taps into the expertise of three women working behind the gears at an automotive shop. In each episode, the women approach complex projects that rival those undertaken by their male counterparts in order to prove they have what it takes to run a female-dominated car shop.

Photo for American Icon with Chip Foose

American Icon with Chip Foose

The muscle car is the most coveted collector car today.

Photo for AmeriCARna


Velocity takes viewers on a tour through American culture through the lens of one its greatest inventions: the automobile. Three-time NASCAR champion Ray Evernham hosts this cross-country trek, chasing down the cars that had a profound impact on shaping our national identity.

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AmeriCarna - Season 3

Velocity’s hit series AMERICARNA returns to television next month with NASCAR legend Ray Evernham leading viewers through revolutionary moments in automotive culture.

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AmeriCarna Season 2

This February, Velocity returns on its cross-country road trip to open the garage doors and lift the hoods of four-wheeled treasures that had a profound effect on American culture.

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Ant Anstead Master Mechanic

In the all-new series ANT ANSTEAD MASTER MECHANIC, world premiering Thursday, October 10, 2019, exclusively on the MotorTrend App, Anstead is paying homage to the legendary 1930s Alfa Romeo 158 Grand Prix race car by building his own from the ground up.

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The Auto Firm With Alex Vega

For visionary designer Alex Vega, custom cars are like an art form; a way for owners to express their unique personality while enjoying the thrill of driving.

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Some car mysteries can’t be solved by your local mechanic looking under the hood. Some four wheeled mysteries run much deeper; requiring forensic science, dogged fact-finding and in-depth, historic research.


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Barrett-Jackson Live - Northeast 2017

Velocity and Discovery Channel are kicking off summer with the hottest collector cars under the sun with 18 hours of BARRETT-JACKSON LIVE at the 2nd Annual Northeast Auction at Mohegan Sun Resort & Casino.

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Barrett-Jackson Live - Palm Beach 2015

Velocity and Discovery Channel will broadcast 19 hours of live, world premiere coverage of the 13th Annual Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach Auction with BARRETT-JACKSON LIVE premiering Friday, April 17 from Noon – 8 PM ET on Velocity, and continuing on Discovery Channel beginning at 2 PM ET on Saturday, April 18.

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Barrett-Jackson Live - Palm Beach 2016

Velocity and Discovery Channel announced the return of BARRETT- JACKSON LIVE, offering 19 hours of live coverage from the 14th annual Palm Beach auction. Highly anticipated vehicles will be showcased this year including an exceptional 1957 Ford Thunderbird and a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT supercar.

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Barrett-Jackson Live - Palm Beach 2018

Velocity, and new digital partner Motor Trend OnDemand, cruise into Florida this April for 21 hours of exciting live coverage from the expanded and highly anticipated 16th annual Barrett-Jackson auction in Palm Beach.

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Barrett-Jackson Live - Palm Beach 2019

The MotorTrend App, MotorTrend TV and MotorTrend’s sister network Discovery Channel will partner for 18 hours of live, gavel-to-gavel coverage of the 17th annual Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach auction.

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Barrett-Jackson Live - Scottsdale 2015

Velocity and Discovery Channel announced today 36 hours of live, world premiere coverage of BARRETT-JACKSON LIVE in Scottsdale beginning Tuesday, January 13 from 6-8 PM ET on Discovery Channel and continuing through Sunday, January 18 from 2-7 PM ET on Velocity.

Photo for Barrett-Jackson Live - Scottsdale 2016

Barrett-Jackson Live - Scottsdale 2016

BARRETT- JACKSON LIVE returns to Velocity and Discovery Channel with 37 hours of live coverage from the highly-anticipated 45th Annual Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction.

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Barrett-Jackson Live - Scottsdale 2017

Velocity and Discovery Channel shift into a new gear this new year as exceptional cars shine brighter than the desert stars during BARRETT-JACKSON LIVE from Scottsdale, Ariz.

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Barrett-Jackson Live - Scottsdale 2019

MotorTrend ushers in a new era in its coverage of the leading collector car auction in the world, Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale, when 37 hours of BARRETT-JACKSON LIVE kicks off Tuesday, January 15 at 6 PM ET for the first time ever on the MotorTrend App and MotorTrend TV.

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Barrett-Jackson Live Las Vegas 2016

Velocity and Discovery Channel team up again to make the bright lights of Las Vegas shine brighter with BARRETT-JACKSON LIVE, 24 hours of live, fast-paced automotive action during the 9th annual Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas auction beginning Thursday, October 13 through Saturday, October 15.

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Bitchin' Boot Camp

After thousands of entries, 12 men and women from across America go head-to-head in the ultimate automotive skills competition for one job at the world-renowned Kindig-It Design shop on the all-new MotorTrend series BITCHIN’ BOOT CAMP.

Photo for Bitchin' Rides

Bitchin' Rides

Dave Kindig, owner and operator of Kindig-It Design in Salt Lake City, Utah turns out one-of-a-kind vehicles for his demanding (and sometimes famous) clientele. In Velocity’s BITCHIN' RIDES, viewers will see Kindig and his team working on all types and periods of cars.

Photo for Bitchin' Rides - Season 3

Bitchin' Rides - Season 3

In Velocity’s wildly successful series, BITCHIN’ RIDES, viewers head inside Kindig’s expansive custom car shop to watch how Dave and his team sketch, design, fabricate and assemble cars from the wheels up.

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Bitchin' Rides - Season 4

Velocity’s #1 series BITCHIN’ RIDES is returning for an all new season of exceptionally built and designed vehicles from self-made fabricator Dave Kindig and his celebrated custom car fabrication shop Kindig It Design.

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Bitchin' Rides - Season 5

Master automotive visionary Dave Kindig is creating a new crop of innovative, custom vehicles with his Kindig-It Design team in an all-new season of Velocity’s most-watched series BITCHIN’ RIDES beginning Tuesday, October 9 at 9 PM ET/PT, or subscribe to the Motor Trend App to watch now.

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Bitchin' Rides Season 2

Some great artists work with oil on canvas, others with clay, but for Dave Kindig, iron and chrome are the tools of his creative self-expression and he is an artist at the top of his automotive design craft. Follow his custom creations in the season premiere of Bitchin Rides September 29th at 9PM.


Photo for Cafe Racer Season 2

Cafe Racer Season 2

Motorcycle maven, Mike Seate hosts this tour of the world's most exclusive bike: the Cafe Racer.

Photo for Car Fix

Car Fix

Step inside the ultimate "how-to" series featuring the talents of Lou Santiago and Jared Zimmerman. In CAR FIX, this dynamic duo showcases special hands-on automotive projects including modifications, upgrades and repairs using high-end performance and aftermarket products.

Photo for Chasing Classic Cars - Season 6

Chasing Classic Cars - Season 6

Season six of CHASING CLASSIC CARS finds Wayne pursuing one-of-a-kind autos in secret stashes–homes, garages and barns–throughout America. Wayne is also meeting with some of the hobby's most respected collectors, restorers and artisans to bring viewers deeper into the elite inner circle of the classic car expert.

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Chasing Classic Cars - Season 8

Wayne Carini is an indistinguishable member of the collector car community. He’s built an empire tracking down some of the most impressive and most valuable automobiles available on the market. This May, Velocity unveils an all-new season of his signature series CHASING CLASSIC CARS.

Photo for Chasing Classic Cars - Season 9

Chasing Classic Cars - Season 9

Collector car archeologist Wayne Carini has never given up on the chase. Through eight seasons of investigating countless leads and searching old barns, garages and warehouses, Carini’s passion for uncovering untold automotive stories has enthralled millions and made him a legend of the automotive world.

Photo for Chasing Classic Cars Season 5

Chasing Classic Cars Season 5

Hosted by renowned collector car archeologist, Wayne Carini, CHASING CLASSIC CARS welcomes viewers into the elite world of high-end car collection, as Wayne finds, buys, restores and sells some of the finest and most unique vehicles ever manufactured.

Photo for Chasing Classic Cars: Season 4

Chasing Classic Cars: Season 4

CHASING CLASSIC CARS offers a true insider's look into restoration genius Wayne Carini and his personal mission to uncover the world's most rare and exotic cars.

Photo for Chasing Speed With Leslie Porterfield

Chasing Speed With Leslie Porterfield

She’s the fastest woman on a motorcycle and she’s not stopping there. CHASING SPEED takes viewers into the adrenaline packed world of legendary female motorcycle racer, Leslie Porterfield . This one-hour special profiles her life on and off the track as she looks to break two racing world records.


Photo for Dallas Car Sharks

Dallas Car Sharks

Auction surprises aren’t exclusive to storage containers – sometimes the drama unfolds on four wheels. Velocity’s all-new series DALLAS CAR SHARKS takes viewers to the Lone Star State where car enthusiasts from across America gather to participate in the ultracompetitive world of car flipping.

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Dream Car Week

Velocity, one of cable’s fastest growing brands for men, debuts seven nights of exclusive programming this summer that is guaranteed to leave the gearhead in all of us grinning. Spanning 14 world premiere hours, Velocity’s DREAM CAR WEEK, airing Sunday, July 27 through Saturday, August 2, celebrates the most unique, bea

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MotorTrend is making everything go sideways in the all-new series DRIFT THIS, premiering around the world on Wednesday, March 6, exclusively on the MotorTrend App. Hosted by experts Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck, DRIFT THIS explores how to make improbable vehicles—from a UPS-style truck to a stretch limousine — drift.

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Drive Smart

Velocity's Drive Smart encourages & raises awareness for safe driving practices. In partnership with MADD and TeenDrive365: In School, Drive Smart is intended to help save lives by stopping drunk, drugged and distracted driving.


Photo for Extreme Fishing

Extreme Fishing

Host Robson Green embarks on a quest to find the world's most exotic creatures of the sea in EXTREME FISHING.


Photo for Fantomworks


In FANTOMWORKS restoration expert Dan Short and his team only have a heart for those who genuinely love their cars.

Photo for Fantomworks - Season 3

Fantomworks - Season 3

Few people possess the zeal for returning neglected cars to their original condition more than Dan Short the owner of FantomWorks, the East Coast’s largest automotive restoration shop.

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Faster With Finnegan

Mike Finnegan and his friends utilize their Roadkill know-how to crank up the power on some of their favorite builds, then use them to take on other vehicles on road and off, on tracks and drag strips, or wherever else a challenge has been laid down.

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Fastest Cars In The Dirty South

MotorTrend’s all-new series FASTEST CARS IN THE DIRTY SOUTH gives viewers an inside look at the unique world of grudge racing. Every episode follows Malone, his partner Brant Arnold and their team – Team 256 – as they compete in grudge races across the south.

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Fastest Cars In The Dirty South - Season 3

In the all-new season of the hit series FASTEST CARS IN THE DIRTY SOUTH MotorTrend+ transports viewers inside the high stakes, competitive world of grudge racing.


Photo for Garage Squad - Season 2

Garage Squad - Season 2

This season, the GARAGE SQUAD is responding to fan requests for much needed help completing their automotive endeavors. Bruno Massel, Joe Zolper and new co-host Heather Storm bring expertise, parts and tools as they crash the garages working round the clock to transform cars.

Photo for Garage Squad - Season 3

Garage Squad - Season 3

Across America countless car aficionados have bought a less than perfect version of their dream car hoping their amateur mechanical chops would return that lackluster ride to glory. Fortunately, many of these well-meaning automotive enthusiasts are setting pride aside and opening their doors to GARAGE SQUAD.

Photo for Garage Squad - Season 5

Garage Squad - Season 5

GARAGE SQUAD returns to rescue stalled automotive projects in an all new season debuting on the Motor Trend App beginning August 22 before debuting on Velocity starting Wednesday, August 29 at 9 PM ET/PT.

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Garage Squad - Season 6

Now in season six, MotorTrend TV’s hit series GARAGE SQUAD is premiering with an all-new cohost and an all-new crop of neglected projects to restore to automotive glory.

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Garage Squad - Season 8

In each episode the GARAGE SQUAD comes to the rescue with a team of highly trained mechanics and experts who take over a car owner’s garage with the goal to transform their stalled project into an automotive dream ride.

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Grand Prix: The Killer Years

Grand Prix: The Killer Years profiles a more sordid side of racing history, when the safeties that racers enjoy today were merely afterthoughts in competition. At the height of its popularity in the 60’s 70’s, The Grand Prix was one of the most glorified – yet dangerous sports in recent history. Mechanical failure, letha

Photo for Graveyard Carz - Season 4

Graveyard Carz - Season 4

GRAVEYARD CARZ host Mark Worman takes his “Mopar or No Car!” credo seriously as the first person in history to recreate Mopar, the beloved 1970 Chrysler assembly line process. Ride along as Worman, his best friend Royal, daughter Allysa and Will Scott bring audiences more history, more tech and more Mopar expertise.

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Graveyard Carz Season 2

Even the most powerful cars can’t live forever. At some point, they’re cast aside, traded in, and in some cases, left for dead in a scrap heap. America is littered with the decaying frames of former muscle cars, but that’s where Mark Worman and his team called the ghouls step in.


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Holiday Hooptie Challenge

One part white elephant gift exchange, one part driving competition, one part chaos and all parts merriment, HOLIDAY HOOPTIE CHALLENGE is like your typical holiday celebration but with burnouts and drag racing.

Photo for How It's Made Dream Cars

How It's Made Dream Cars

Picture your dream car: it probably looks like a Morgan Aero Coupe or Ferarri FF. Have you ever wondered just how these machines are made? Join the How It's Made crew as we go to the birthplace of these roadsters. We will reveal the inner workings and gorgeous exteriors.


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The InEVitable - Podcast and Vodcast

Venturing deeper than the breathless daily headlines, MotorTrend’s Ed Loh and Jonny Lieberman provide lively in-depth discussion on the greatest challenges and changes coming for the future of transportation.

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Inside West Coast Customs 6

Car customization entrepreneur Ryan Friedlinghaus returns to Velocity for an all new season of INSIDE WEST COAST CUSTOMS. Friedlinghaus and his team create over-the-top rides for the likes of Joe Jonas, Green Day, Travis Scott, the new “BlacK Panther" movie.

Photo for Iron Resurrection - Season 2

Iron Resurrection - Season 2

IRON RESURRECTION is the real deal when it comes to car restoration. In each episode, Amanda and Shag search Texas for maligned motorized treasures that Joe and the skilled Martin Bros Customs team can build into one-of-a-kind vehicular masterpieces.

Photo for Iron Resurrection - Season 3

Iron Resurrection - Season 3

Joe Martin, his wife Amanda, his best friend Shag and the team at Martin Bros Customs are back resuscitating rusted rides in cool works of art in the all new season of IRON RESURRECTION.


Photo for Junkyard Empire

Junkyard Empire

In JUNKYARD EMPIRE the hunt is on for big, washed up metal–cars, motorcycles, boats, homes, campers and heavy equipment–from police impounds, private auctions, dealers, random driveways or old lots. What might look like a rusted out beater to most people is pure gold in the seasoned eyes of Andy and Bobby.

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Junkyard Empire - Season 4

When it comes to busted, wrecked rides Andy Cohen is king of a crashed cash kingdom. But he does more than scrap cars for parts and rule over his fast-paced, lucrative junkyard. Cohen is a wizard when it comes to finding value in automotive rubble.


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Kevin Hart's Muscle Car Crew

KEVIN HART’S MUSCLE CAR CREW will take a lighthearted, hilarious look at the world of car collecting and what it means to be a muscle car devotee as they attempt to successfully launch their own automotive club.

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King of the Road: Carroll Shelby

Velocity pays homage to an automotive legend in the definitive profile of America’s car king, Carroll Shelby. A pioneer in racing and automotive design, Shelby put America on the map in a racing culture long dominated by European drivers and styles

Photo for Kings of Crash

Kings of Crash

The world of the demolition derby can be summed up by one simple axiom - "smash or be smashed." This February, Velocity offers a front-row seat to the explosive egos, intense competition and automotive carnage that make these destructive events impossible to turn away from.


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Legendary Motorcar

Legendary Motorcar on Velocity takes viewers inside the dramatic world of quality restorations, appraisals, and of sale of high-end and exotic autos.

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For more than 50 years Hot Wheels® has captured the imaginations of kids and adults worldwide with incredible, boundless automotive design possibilities. MotorTrend is bringing the kid in all of us inside the remarkable world of Hot Wheels in the original short-form series LIFE SIZE.

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Long Road to Monterey

LONG ROAD TO MONTEREY follows the work of Jason Wenig and his team of automotive artisans at The Creative Workshop north of Miami, Fla., as they, not only restore the 1921 Kissel Gold Bug, but also ready an extraordinary 1966 Ferrari 330 GT Speciale for The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering in Carmel, Calif.


Photo for Mecum Auctions 2022

Mecum Auctions 2022

Watch MECUM KISSIMMEE 2022 Live January 12-15 on MotorTrend+ & MotorTrend TV

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Motor MythBusters

MOTOR MYTHBUSTERS searches for truth behind popular automotive myths through a mixture of scientific method, lively curiosity and plain old-fashioned ingenuity.

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MotorTrend: Working From Home

With so many Americans #HomeTogether, MotorTrend’s top experts are inviting fans into their homes in the all-new, self-shot series MOTORTREND: WORKING FROM HOME, streaming now on the MotorTrend App, the only subscription streaming service dedicated entirely to the motoring world.

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Award-winning MOTORWEEK marks an unprecedented 30 seasons behind the wheel as broadcast television's leading source of automotive information.


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NASCAR 2020: Under Pressure

As NASCAR comes down the season’s backstretch, MotorTrend’s all-new docuseries NASCAR 2020: UNDER PRESSURE offers fans an all-access pass to the behind-the-scenes moments on and off the track that have defined and will define this year’s NASCAR Cup Series™ season.

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NASCAR All In: Battle For Daytona

MotorTrend Group and NASCAR announced today a new partnership to create NASCAR ALL IN: BATTLE FOR DAYTONA, a bold new sports documentary series chronicling the commitment, struggles & sacrifices of drivers, their teams and families in the chase for greatness at the biggest race of the 2020 NASCAR season, The Daytona 500.


Photo for Overhaulin'


Velocity is officially restoring television's definitive car restoration franchise. Renowned design expert Chip Foose makes his return with the all-new OVERHAULIN' - featuring his most amazing and imaginative automotive builds yet.

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Overhaulin' - Season 8

OVERHAULIN' is TV's longest running automotive restoration show that executes incredible car makeovers for deserving owners and reinforces the strong emotional connection between man and machine. OVERHAULIN' brings Foose together with long-time collaborator, Chris Jacobs and the newest addition Arianny Celeste.

Photo for Overhaulin' - Season 9

Overhaulin' - Season 9

This November, Velocity is taking OVERHAULIN’, the series that embodies the emotional connection between man and machine, for one last ride.

Photo for Overhaulin' 2014

Overhaulin' 2014

Chip Foose is America’s Automotive Designer-in-Chief. Along with co-hosts Chris Jacobs and Arianny Celeste OVERHAULIN’ reigns supreme as the top vehicle restoration franchise on television.

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Overhaulin' 2019

The much-loved series OVERHAULIN’ makes its long-awaited return on Saturday, November 16 with all-new episodes available exclusively on the MotorTrend App. Renowned car designer Chip Foose, cohosts Chris Jacobs and Adrienne Janic (A.J.) and the OVERHAULIN’ A-Team have reunited!


Photo for Patrick Dempsey: Racing Le Mans

Patrick Dempsey: Racing Le Mans

Patrick Dempsey Chases the World's Best Drivers and Past Racing Legends in PATRICK DEMPSEY: RACING LE MANS on Velocity World Premiere Four-Part Television Event Debuts Wednesday, August 28 at 10 PM ET/PT on Velocity


Photo for RMD Garage

RMD Garage

Ralph Holguin lives by one motto: “Don’t dream it, build it.” That philosophy has fueled Holguin, a Mexican immigrant and high school dropout, to take a car wash business he started at 19 and build it into the RMD Group, a premiere full-service marketing agency whose work is embraced by top automotive brands.

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Hold onto your lugnuts! Ride along with Hot Rod magazine's David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan on ROADKILL, as the dynamic duo go in search of their next gearhead adventure in all types of gassers, 'barely-legal' street machines and highly strung performance vehicles.


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Speed Is The New Black

Velocity is satisfying its audience’s need for speed this spring with the premiere of the all new original series SPEED IS THE NEW BLACK, which follows young prodigy Noah Alexander and his team at the elite automotive shop Classic Car Studio.

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Speed Is The New Black - Season 2

After debuting in 2017 as Velocity’s most watched freshman series ever, SPEED IS THE NEW BLACK comes back for a new season of custom car builds that combine the driver’s holy trinity – style, speed and performance.


Photo for Tech Toys

Tech Toys

TECH TOYS takes you all over the world in search of the trendiest and exclusive gear for guys.

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Top Gear America

Hit the road this January for the joy ride of a lifetime with Dax Shepard, Rob Corddry and Jethro Bovingdon in the all-new, highly anticipated U.S. format of TOP GEAR, TOP GEAR AMERICA.

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Top Gear America - Season 2

After a first season full of mayhem, supercharged adventures, friendly competition and exhilaration driving the world’s top supercars and awful clunkers, Dax Shepard, Rob Corddry and Jethro Bovingdon are back for more in the new season of the hit series TOP GEAR AMERICA only on MotorTrend+.

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Top Gear on the MotorTrend App

The Ultimate Top Gear Collection is available Friday, August 30 exclusively on the MotorTrend App including more than 240+ hours of programming, including: never-before-seen, exclusive compilation episodes, specials and related series that add up to an unprecedented offering for anyone who loves Top Gear.


Photo for UNIQUE RIDES - Season One


In each episode of UNIQUE RIDES, Will’s talents as a business owner, designer, fabricator and innovator are on display as he creates dream vehicles for the biggest stars of Hollywood, music and sports.

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UNIQUE RIDES -- Season 2

Season two of UNIQUE RIDES tackles a full range of builds for a diverse group of artists, musicians and personalities including DJ Khaled, Nick Cannon, Mike Epps, Geraldo Rivera, Erik Estrada, Fat Joe and more.


Photo for Velocity Upfront 2012

Velocity Upfront 2012

Velocity Upfront 2012

No Image Available

Velocity Upfront 2013-14

Velocity Upfront 2013-14

Photo for Velocity Upfront 2014-15

Velocity Upfront 2014-15

Velocity Upfront 2014-15

Photo for Velocity Upfront 2016-17

Velocity Upfront 2016-17

Velocity Upfront 2016-17


Photo for What's In The Barn - Season 2

What's In The Barn - Season 2

Velocity is inviting viewers back on the road with Dale Walksler, America’s foremost guardian of motorcycle history, for another fascinating season of WHAT’S IN THE BARN?. Dale and his son Matt bring audiences to the furthest reaches of the U.S. on a mission to find hidden treasures and artifacts of the automotive past.

Photo for What's In The Barn?

What's In The Barn?

WHAT’S IN THE BARN? brings viewers on a quest that crisscrosses the U.S. for vintage motorcycles and cars. Wheels Through Time Museum curator Dale Walksler hosts this one-of-a-kind journey through America’s barns where yesterday’s junk becomes automotive Americana that he will bring back to life and sell.

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What's My Car Worht: Season 3

WHAT'S MY CAR WORTH returns for more collector car action across the auction block.

Photo for What's My Car Worth? - Season 6

What's My Car Worth? - Season 6

Classic car lovers may think their vehicles are priceless but to expert appraisers value comes down to dollars and sense. In an all new season of Velocity’s WHAT’S MY CAR WORTH? hosts Keith Martin and Josh Nasar provide the critical, expert eyes owners need to properly determine the value of their car.

Photo for Wheeler Dealers - Season 11

Wheeler Dealers - Season 11

Collectors Mike Brewer and Edd China are on a mission to save repairable enthusiast vehicles, by repairing or otherwise improving them, then selling it to a new owner. How much profit can they bank with these restored masterpieces?

No Image Available

Wheeler Dealers - Season 14

WHEELER DEALERS returns for season 14 with Mike Brewer and new master mechanic Ant Anstead. They're hard at work work finding, fixing and flipping a wide variety of unique used cars from manufacturers in Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan and the United States.

Photo for Wheeler Dealers - Season 15

Wheeler Dealers - Season 15

Velocity’s beloved hit series WHEELER DEALERS returns this April with all new episodes and an all new way to watch.

Photo for Wheeler Dealers 13

Wheeler Dealers 13

Mechanical master Edd China and automotive valuation expert Mike Brewer are back at it finding, fixing and flipping secondhand autos from their new California shop on an all new season of the hit series WHEELER DEALERS. Now, they’re setting their sights exclusively on America – the most car crazy nation in the world.