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The InEVitable - Podcast and Vodcast

Premieres Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Venturing deeper than the breathless daily headlines, MotorTrend’s Loh and Lieberman will provide lively in-depth discussion on the greatest challenges and changes coming for the future of transportation. The InEVitable podcast and vodcast is part of MotorTrend’s The InEVitable, the major new multi-platform initiative giving consumers the definitive source for information, in-depth reporting, research/testing, predictions and entertainment devoted entirely to the future of mobility. 

In the premiere episode, debuting January 25, 2022, Reggie Watts, actor, comedian and band leader for “The Late Late Show with James Corden”, sits down with Loh and Lieberman for an engrossing conversation about how Watts thinks about artificial intelligence and consciousness, and what that might mean for the automotive world. As an owner of both gas-powered and electric-powered vehicles, Watts also talks about the dichotomy of owning both plus his love of Porsche cars.