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Put A Ring On It

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Will Packer’s new unscripted relationship series “Put A Ring on It” follows four longtime couples, with help from master relationship coach Dr. Nicole LaBeach, who embark on the ultimate relationship test—by dating other people. From week to week the couples are pushed outside their comfort zones to confront the question they’ve been too afraid to ask: is this their happily ever after? The couples will finally find out if they are truly meant to be together in this experiment, and in so doing they’ll discover if there’s a love connectionthey’ve been missing all along. Will they decide it’s time to go their separate ways, or is itfinally time to put a ring on it? “Put A Ring on It” is produced by Will Packer Media and Lighthearted Entertainment. “Put A Ring On It” is executive produced by Will Packer alongside Will Packer Media’s Kelly Smith and Lighthearted’s Rob LaPlante, Jeff Spangler and Robyn Schnieders.