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Dresscue Me

Premieres April 19 at 9pm (ET/PT)

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Planet Green has announced that DRESSCUE ME has been greenlit by the network for eight episodes.  Teaming up with World of Wonder Productions, this all-new series is currently slated for a debut in early 2011.

Each 30-minute episode follows the fashion world's best-kept secret-Shareen Mitchell, beloved by fashionistas and recessionistas alike for her unique, affordable approach to vintage clothing.  A self-taught designer with retail outlets on both coasts, Mitchell is renowned for her ability to give new life to dowdy old duds by turning them into chic, fashion-forward frocks.  To create these one-of-a-kind pieces, Mitchell welcomes her exclusively female clients into her hip boutiques in both downtown Los Angeles and New York's Chelsea district, to hear their stories and make them over in a distinctly DRESSCUE ME style that helps them look and feel their best.