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-Jonathan and Angela Scott and Jackson Ole Looseyia Return for BIG CAT TALES Season Two Filmed in Vivid 4K Resolution-

December 4, 2020

Contact - Paul Schur
Group VP, Communications

Jonathan and Angela Scott and Jackson Ole Looseyia return to Animal Planet for an all-new season of the award-winning natural history series BIG CAT TALES on Friday, Dec. 4 at 11PM ET/PTBIG CAT TALES documents the present-day prides and families of the lions, leopards and cheetahs of the Maasais Mara National Reserve in Kenya, including the Marsh Pride. Animal Planet audiences will continue to be submerged into the world of these big cats for an up-close look as their stories evolve, bringing the mix of joy and sorrow that make these big cats so irresistibleBIG CAT TALES is produced for Animal Planet by Untitled Film Works and jointly directed by award-winning filmmakers Abraham Joffe ACS and Dom West.  

It is only through the long history and experience of the Scotts and Mr. Ole Looseyia that the intimate lives of these big cats can be revealed in such spectacular and intimate detail. Jonathan Scott has spent over 40 years in the Mara and has an unrivalled knowledge of its big cats; Angela Scott is a world-class wildlife photographer and has a very special bond with lions, particularly the famous Marsh Pride; Jackson is a proud Maasai and has spent his entire life alongside these magnificent animals.

In the Dec. 4 season premiere, “Kingdom of Predators,” a dispersed Marsh Pride faces weakened protection from the six male warrior lions, while Kabibi and Cloudy Eye desperately hunt to sustain their hungry new cubs. Also, Amani, the cheetah, works hard to raise three new cubs. Other episodes of BIG CAT TALES this season will include:  

  •  Dec. 11 – “Stripes vs. Spots” - Jonathan discovers the secretive den site of Dada the lioness' newborn cubs. Olare, the leopard, displays a rarely seen mating ritual. And the Marsh Pride lionesses face off with an elephant who isn't happy with their presence.
  •  Dec. 18 – “Peril on the Horizon” - Clashing elephants force the Marsh pride to take cover. Fig the leopard continues to give give vital lessons to her young cub Maradadi. And the Marsh pride females are threatened by nomadic male intruders. Amani the cheetah also battles a hyena over food.

Viewers can join the conversation on social media by using #BigCatTales and following Animal Planet on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for the latest updates.

BIG CAT TALES is produced for Animal Planet by Untitled Film Works led by their award-winning filmmakers Abraham Joffe ACS and Dom West with Jonathan Scott as co-producer . For Animal Planet, Dawn Sinsel is senior executive producer with Valerie Moss as associate producer.