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March 21, 2022

Contact - Paul Schur
Group VP, Communications

Veterinary maverick Dr. Jeff Young and his fearless team of vets and techs are back for an all-new season of DR. JEFF: ROCKY MOUNTAIN VET. On a growing mission to make vet care affordable for everyone, the Planned Pethood International staff tackles unusual cases - and extraordinary new projects - to help more pets and owners than ever before. From baffling ailments to bizarre mishaps, every beloved pet gets the care it needs, at a fraction of the cost quoted elsewhere.  Dr. Jeff and his team take on complicated procedures and work tirelessly to treat the pets and wild animals who need their help most. Stories of hope and the power of the human and animal bond are stronger than ever on this all-new season of DR. JEFF: ROCKY MOUNTAIN VET, premiering on Animal Planet Saturday, March 26 at 8PM ET/PT.

In the season premiere, Dr. Jeff, his wife Dr. Petra and vet tech Hector, roll up their sleeves and head to Leadville, an old Colorado mining town, with an inspiring goal: to transform an abandoned restaurant into a new clinic. Here, they’ll provide desperately needed vet care to an underserved mountain community. Dr. Jeff trades his scalpel for a sledgehammer, and restaurant demolition is underway! Back in Denver, Dr. Baier treats a sneezing parrot; Dr. Jeff fights to save a Yorkie’s leg from amputation; and Dr. Jeff’s daughter, Melody, discovers a worrisome mass on her rescued dog Freya. 

This season, the team’s caseload spans almost the entire animal kingdom, from a raccoon injured in an illegal trap to a tiny gecko with a big surprise. Dr. Jeff treats a puppy who needs reconstructive surgery to survive, while Dr. Baier removes a fishhook from a wild goose. And when clinic receptionist Jerri’s newly adopted puppy becomes seriously ill, Dr. Petra steps in to save the pup’s life. Then Dr. Jeff hits the road, traveling to a wolf sanctuary to spay and neuter a pack of wolf hybrids. Every day brings incredible stories and life-or-death stakes: Heroic Labrador Bob suffers a serious wound protecting his owner, and Dr. Don treats a Yorkie so obese she can barely walk. And between complex cases, Dr. Jeff even finds time to dig a swimming pool for his beloved dog Fred.

Animal Planet audiences can also join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #DrJeff and following Animal Planet’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. All past seasons of DR. JEFF: ROCKY MOUNTAIN VET are available in their entirety on discovery+

JEFF: ROCKY MOUNTAIN VET is produced for Animal Planet by Double Act where Alastair Cook is executive producer and Alex Revill is showrunner. For Animal Planet, Lisa Lucas is executive producer.