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Holiday Special Airs Tuesday, December 22, at 9 PM (ET/PT)

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We may not be able to see all monsters, especially the microscopic ones crawling within us. The infectious unknown is a ticking time bomb within the body that can go off at any minute, and the explosion sends an atomic wave of fear over everyone involved. With 10 new episodes, MONSTERS INSIDE ME returns to Animal Planet to the reveal parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungi and foreign objects that plague unsuspecting victims as doctors race against the clock to diagnose these mysteries. This season, Animal Planet explores some of the most baffling cases of monsters attacking us, including the bacteria that cause leprosy, carbon monoxide poisoning and a parasite that attacks the eye and causes blindness. Host/biologist Dan Riskin provides scientific perspective on the cringe-worthy creatures making their homes within the hidden crevices of our bodies.