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My Cat From Hell’s Jackson Galaxy, renowned cat behavior and wellness expert, returns to Animal Planet during the COVID-19 pandemic to face all-new fur-ious felines who have gone from peacefully destroying curtains and toilet paper rolls with little human distraction to spending every waking moment with their cat guardians. In MY CAT FROM HELL: CAT SH#T CRAZY!, which premieres Saturday, July 18 at 9 PM ET/PT, Jackson is faced with a whole new set of quarantine behaviors, both claw-some feline and human, unlike he’s ever seen.

Are cats happy to exchange all their “ME-ow” time for watching their guardians hop on video calls day in and day out? Or could they benefit from a bit of social distancing from their needy caretakers? Jackson’s goal is to help both new and established guardians avoid further cat-astrophes, understand how to properly care for their cats, and keep their furry friends from turning their lives and homes upside down!

The special will be shot on the mobile devices and cameras available in Jackson’s and the cat guardian’s own homes during self-isolation and will be produced remotely. Jackson will take on the new and unique challenge of coaching from afar, as his aim is always to help guardians better understand their feline friends and improve relationships…sometimes, it's not only the cat’s devilish attitude that needs Jackson's magic touch! In MY CAT FROM HELL: CAT SH#T CRAZY!, Jackson has one goal in mind - to prevent cat guardians from returning their fostered or adopted furry friends to animal shelters.

Looking to co-exist peacefully with your cat during self-isolation? Find more information on casting at In addition to watching MY CAT FROM HELL: CAT SH#T CRAZY! on Animal Planet, viewers can watch all previous seasons of My Cat From Hell by downloading the Animal Planet GO App. Audiences can join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #MyCatFromHell and follow Animal Planet on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the latest updates.

MY CAT FROM HELL: CAT SH#T CRAZY! is produced for Animal Planet by 3 Ball Productions, part of 3BMG, with Ross Weintraub, Jeff Altrock, and Shana Kemp serving as executive producers. For Animal Planet Pat Dempsey is supervising producer and Marissa Donovan is production coordinator. Jackson Galaxy is also an executive producer.