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Special Premieres Tuesday, August 2, at 10 PM (ET/PT)

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TOUCAN NATION follows the uplifting story of Grecia, a toucan whose unconscionable abuse sparked international outrage and inspired a national animal welfare movement in Costa Rica. Seeking to right a wrong and improve the life of this helpless bird after his beak was, animal rescuers and veterinarians enlist a team of volunteer experts including 3D-printing engineers to design and construct a prosthetic beak. At the same time, a committed group of activists wage a battle to implement penalties for animal cruelty, motivated by the notion that every life -- whether wild or human -- is inherently valuable and must be protected. Directed by Emmy® winner Paula Heredia (In Memoriam: New York City, 9/11/01), TOUCAN NATION chronicles each step of the journey as the Zooave animal refuge center works to save this beautiful bird and activists across Costa Rica rally to bring about lasting change.