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Image from Mountain Monsters

Mountain Monsters

NEW SEASON: Wednesdays at 9pm ET/PT

Deep in the Appalachian Mountains, legendary and terrifying creatures lurk among the shadows. A new season of "Mountain Monsters" reunites the fearless, rip-roarin’ group of hard-core trappers - the AIMS team - to confirm the sightings of these fabled monsters and track down proof they still roam the region.

Image for Ghost Brothers: Haunted Houseguests

Ghost Brothers: Haunted Houseguests

NEW EPISODES: Fridays at 9pm ET/PT

Best friends and ghost hunters Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass and Marcus Harvey are investigating and ghostplainin’ in a new Travel Channel series, “Ghost Brothers: Haunted Houseguests.” The trio of intrepid sleuths respond to pleas from families across the country experiencing paranormal activity in their homes.

Image for Strange World

Strange World

NEW EPISODES: Mondays at 11pm ET/PT

Independent filmmaker Christopher Garetano has spent a lifetime searching for the truth behind some of America’s most unusual stories. Now, he begins a boots-on-the-ground investigation into the legends, mysteries and first-person accounts that fuel this country’s creepiest conspiracy theories and unexplained occurren...

Image for Code of the Wild

Code of the Wild

NEW EPISODES: Tuesdays at 10pm ET/PT

Brothers Chris and Casey Keefer – extreme adventurers turned wilderness private eyes – tackle rugged territory that most wouldn’t dare, determined to track down the truth behind baffling mysteries.