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Image from Portals to Hell

Portals to Hell

SERIES PREMIERE: Friday, April 26 at 10pm ET/PT

Travel Channel’s new series "Portals to Hell" follows television personality and executive producer, Jack Osbourne, and paranormal researcher and investigator, Katrina Weidman, as they investigate haunted locations purported to be doorways to the spirit underworld.

Image for In Search of Monsters

In Search of Monsters

NEW EPISODES: Wednesdays at 9pm ET/PT

Travel Channel’s new series, “In Search of Monsters,” takes viewers on a frightening hunt for the truth behind infamous and iconic monsters that brings their legends to all-too-real life.

Image for Ghost  Bait

Ghost Bait

NEW EPISODES: Thursdays at 10pm ET/PT

Paranormal pioneer Bob Magill and empathic investigator Tina Storer take on frightening, personal hauntings in America in the cult-classic “Ghost Bait." Using a shocking but effective method of isolation combined with sensory deprivation, the duo helps people overcome their fear of intense paranormal activity.

Image for Mission Declassified

Mission Declassified

NEW EPISODES: Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT

Investigative reporter Christof Putzel explores history's most legendary and notorious mysteries. By decoding recently declassified documents, Putzel discovers new, or simply missed, clues and connections that could finally unlock decades-long mysteries surrounding legendary cold cases.