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The Dead Files

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In “The Dead Files,” former NYPD Homicide Detective Steve DiSchiavi and medium Amy Allan are on a mission to help beleaguered clients as they uncover paranormal histories and mysteries buried within haunted locations. As they arrive on scene, DiSchiavi and Allan investigate each case independently of one another to preserve the integrity of their individual findings. As a physical medium, Allan sees and communicates with the dead, uncovering layers of paranormal activity beyond anyone’s imagination. Harnessing his detective skills, DiSchiavi researches the facts – interrogating witnesses and experts and perusing records to understand each location’s history, however dark or buried it may be. The team avoids all contact with each other until the very end, when they reveal their shocking discoveries to the homeowner in each episode’s intense conclusion. Drawing upon her experiences with the supernatural, Allan then provides much-needed advice for each client so they can restore peace and a sense of normalcy within their lives.