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Photo for Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

Andrew Zimmern embarks on an epicurean exploration to reveal the food and stories behind notable characters, cultures and mythology in “Bizarre Foods” with Andrew Zimmern.

Photo for Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations

Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations

“Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations” features mouthwatering morsels from around the world. Hosted by James Beard Award-winning chef and culinary explorer Andrew Zimmern, the series highlights the not-to-be-missed food that defines a location.


Photo for Caribbean Pirate Treasure

Caribbean Pirate Treasure

Gear up for underwater adventures with Philippe Cousteau, grandson of legendary explorer Jacques Cousteau, and his journalist wife, Ashlan, in "Caribbean Pirate Treasure." The spirited explorers investigate incredible stories of lost loot and pirates' plunder in some of the world's most beautiful seas.


Photo for The Dead Files

The Dead Files

In "The Dead Files," physical medium Amy Allan and retired homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi combine their unique skills to solve unexplained paranormal phenomena in haunted locations across America.


Photo for Expedition Unknown

Expedition Unknown

In "Expedition Unknown," explorer Josh Gates sets out on a global journey to find the truth behind captivating stories, digging through years of historical evidence, facts and myths. From excavating ruins to diving the deep sea, Gates' adventures generate a new take on age-old stories.


Photo for Food Paradise

Food Paradise

"Food Paradise" serves up hefty plates of the country's tastiest, most mouthwatering and decadent meals. Travelers love to eat their way across America and we’re giving them a guide of the must-eat spots across the country to have a one-of-a-kind dining experience.


Photo for Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures

“Ghost Adventures” follows paranormal investigators Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin, along with A/V techs Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley, as they travel to haunted destinations across the country to uncover the truth behind each location's haunted mystery.


Photo for Haunted Live

Haunted Live

"Haunted Live" is a live interactive series featuring the paranormal investigative team, the Tennessee Wraith Chasers. Each episode will feature a live and unfiltered paranormal investigation in a secret haunted location, where viewers are invited to join the action and drive the course of the show.


Photo for Legend Hunter

Legend Hunter

"Legend Hunter" follows explorer and biologist Pat Spain as he journeys far and wide to uncover answers to fascinating unsolved riddles, historic conundrums and mythic events.

Photo for Legendary Locations

Legendary Locations

“Legendary Locations,” hosted by explorer Josh Gates, chronicles the epic tales and secrets of the most storied places on earth. Showcasing breathtaking destinations around the globe, Gates explores the ancient legends and folklore that made them famous.

Photo for Legends of the Lost with Megan Fox

Legends of the Lost with Megan Fox

“Legends of the Lost with Megan Fox" follows actress Megan Fox, as she embarks on an epic journey across the globe to reexamine some of the world's most enduring legends.

Photo for Lost Gold

Lost Gold

“Lost Gold" stars Josh and Jesse Feldman, two brothers with their sights set on finding America’s missing treasure.


Photo for Man v. Food

Man v. Food

Food lover, actor and restaurant business veteran Casey Webb is ready to taste the nation’s most epic eats in “Man v. Food.” Webb continues the pursuit of gastronomic glory – and crisscrossing America to uncover tasty treats and tackle the country’s iconic eating challenges.

Photo for Monster Encounters

Monster Encounters

"Monster Encounters" follows wildlife expert and filmmaker, Casey Anderson, as he tracks down and documents evidence of animals so large, or unusual, that they are thought to exist only in folklore or to be extinct.

Photo for Most Terrifying Places in America

Most Terrifying Places in America

“Most Terrifying Places in America” takes you on a treacherous trip across the nation’s most horrifying haunts.

Photo for Mysteries at the Museum

Mysteries at the Museum

In "Mysteries at the Museum," host Don Wildman digs into the world’s greatest institutions to unearth extraordinary relics that reveal incredible secrets from the past.

Photo for Mysterious Islands

Mysterious Islands

In “Mysterious Islands,” travel journalist and explorer Kellee Edwards will use her experience as a pilot, scuba diver and explorer to uncover some of the world’s fascinating and beautiful islands.


Photo for Paranormal Survivor

Paranormal Survivor

“Paranormal Survivor” will take you through terrifying real-life encounters with the supernatural. Hear from those who’ve faced these feared spirits – and watch dramatic recreations that lure people back to the scenes of these harrowing confrontations.


Photo for Scariest Night of My Life

Scariest Night of My Life

“Scariest Night of My Life” retells chilling, true stories of victims of paranormal mayhem. Each episode features three different stories of people who lived through life-changing and spine-chilling supernatural encounters that happened during the course of one terrifying night.


Photo for The Zimmern List

The Zimmern List

Culinary explorer Andrew Zimmern reveals his picks for the ultimate food experiences across the United States in "The Zimmern List."