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Photo for 42 Stone Mum

42 Stone Mum

Dominique is morbidly obesity but she, and her six girls want her back on her feet, being a real mother again. Can she lose the 112lbs needed to qualify for weight-loss surgery?


Photo for Bringing Home Baby

Bringing Home Baby

Programme description to come


Photo for Dr Oz

Dr Oz

This new series from the world renowned and Oprah favourite cardiac surgeon Dr Oz, aims at promoting and motivating positive change.

Photo for Dr. G Medical Examiner

Dr. G Medical Examiner

Every day Dr. Jan Garavaglia, one America's top female forensic pathologists attempts to determine exactly how and why each person died, often providing the vital evidence that leads to the conviction of brutal murderers.


Photo for Embarrassing Bodies 2

Embarrassing Bodies 2

Doctors Christian Jessen, Dawn Harper and Pixie McKenna address the public’s intimate medical concerns, including skin conditions of the skin, and offer self-examination guidance.


Photo for Fat Doctor

Fat Doctor

Discovery Home & Health explores the extremes of the medical world as Shaw Somers aka the Fat Doctor, returns with more genuinely heart-wrenching stories of people battling obesity.


Photo for The Girl With Eight Limbs

The Girl With Eight Limbs

In 2007, a girl was born in rural India with one of the world's rarest physical abnormalities. Lakshmi Tatma was born with four arms and four legs, she was joined at the pelvis to her half-formed twin. Locals revered her as the re-incarnation of Lakshmi, the Goddess with eight limbs.


Photo for Hospital Sydney

Hospital Sydney

Programme information to come


Photo for I'm Pregnant and...

I'm Pregnant and...

The much buzzed about series I'm pregnant and...returns with eight brand new stories of women facing serious issues - emotional, physical, mental or circumstantial - as they navigate their nine-month journey through pregnancy.


Photo for Man With The 200lb Tumour

Man With The 200lb Tumour

At first glance, Hai Nguyen looks like any other 31-year-old Vietnamese man, but he has been bed-ridden for the past six years, weighed down by a stunning medical abnormality: what could quite possibly be the largest tumour in the world.

Photo for Medics


Follow the dramatic everyday running of the North West Ambulance service in Cumbria and the Scottish Ambulance Service in South West Scotland. TV crews have been given exclusive access to film the work of these dedicated medical professionals as they handle emergency cases throughout the region.

Photo for Misfit Moms

Misfit Moms

This one hour special follows the heart breaking and emotional journey of three young mothers to-be at an adoption centre in Utah, USA.

Photo for Multitude of Multiples

Multitude of Multiples

Multitude of Multiples

Photo for My Giant Face Tumour

My Giant Face Tumour

My Giant Face Tumour tells the story of Jose Mestre, a 53-year-old man from Portugal thought to have the world’s largest facial tumour.

Photo for Mystery Diagnosis

Mystery Diagnosis

Each episode of MYSTERY DIAGNOSIS tells the stories of two patients whose perseverance and vigilance helped them obtain a diagnosis—and in many cases, save their lives.

Photo for Mystery ER

Mystery ER

Every patient that comes into the emergency room is a conundrum that doctors must unravel in order to most effectively treat them. Mystery ER highlights these baffling cases, and the dedicated doctors and investigators examining them, as they race against time to discover the solutions to a variety of ailments.


Photo for Obese and Expecting

Obese and Expecting

Maria, Alissa, Denise, and Jeanette are four mums- to-be with an increasingly common problem: morbid obesity. Filmed at hospitals across America, hour-long documentary Obese and Expecting follows them through their pregnancy struggles and charts their hopes of delivering healthy babies.

Photo for Obese and in Love

Obese and in Love

This one-off special goes inside the lives of three morbidly obese couples and sees how their weight radically affects their marriages. Will their love endure the weight of their relationships?


Photo for The Real Sleeping Beauty

The Real Sleeping Beauty

In 1984, 18 year old Sarah Scantlin was run over by a drunk driver. The severe brain injuries left her in a coma for twenty years. The prognosis was that she would be in a vegetative state for the rest of her life. In 2005, Sarah miraculously woke up in the nursing home where she lay for two decades and began to speak.


Photo for Sextuplets And The City

Sextuplets And The City

Sextuplets And The City

Photo for Shocking Lives

Shocking Lives

This month, Discovery Home and Health explores the uplifting and inspirational stories of courageous people who fight to live normal lives in the face of almost unimaginable adversity.

Photo for Six Autistic Kids: My Unique Family

Six Autistic Kids: My Unique Family

This fascinating one-hour special explores the everyday reality of John and Robin Kirton and their six autistic children, ranging from three to 14. The Kirtons have the largest autistic family in history and logistics and problem-solving on a daily basis are daunting tasks. On a typical afternoon life can spin out of co…

Photo for Sole Survivor

Sole Survivor

The perspective of the lone survivor is most gripping kind of survival story, and Sole Survivor will tell those tales in first-person narratives boosted with cinematic recreations, state-of-the-art CGI and crash physics, and plenty of science and life-saving advice from psychologists, doctors, and disaster experts.

Photo for Strange Sex 2

Strange Sex 2

Strange Sex goes under the covers to reveal strange and unusual stories of real life relationships and fascinating sexual practices.


No Image Available

Ten Years Younger

Style guru Nicky Hambleton-Jones and her top team of hairdressers, plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists and make-up artists attempt to transform those who gave up on their appearance years before.

Photo for Tourette's Uncovered

Tourette's Uncovered

Tourette's Uncovered

Photo for Two Sisters: One Unique Heart

Two Sisters: One Unique Heart

Description to come


Photo for Young Doctors

Young Doctors

Young Doctors is a new eight-part observational documentary following seven first and second-year junior doctors as they leave their training behind to start work on the wards at John Hunter Hospital in Australia.