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Executive Bios

Photo of Margaret Loesch

Margaret Loesch

President and Chief Executive Officer

Photo of Dan Pimentel

Dan Pimentel

Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operations Officer

Photo of Dena Kaplan

Dena Kaplan

Chief Marketing Officer

Photo of Josh Meyer

Josh Meyer

Senior Vice President, Business and Legal Affairs

Photo of Joanna Dodd Massey

Joanna Dodd Massey

Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications and Publicity

Photo of Nikki Reed

Nikki Reed

Senior Vice President, Programming and Development

Photo of Lou Fazio

Lou Fazio

Senior Vice President of Scheduling, Acquisitions and Planning

Photo of Ted Biaselli

Ted Biaselli

Vice President, Programming

Photo of Greg Heanue

Greg Heanue

Vice President of Marketing and Promotions

Photo of Jordan Beck

Jordan Beck

Vice President of Creative Services