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Photo for 9/11 After The Towers Fell

9/11 After The Towers Fell

‘9/11: After the Towers Fell’ is the definitive look at the aftermath of the shocking events of 9/11 when the Twin Towers of New York’s World Trade Centre were attacked by terrorists in hijacked aeroplanes and ultimately crashed to the ground, killing thousands of people.


Photo for After the Attack

After the Attack

‘After the Attack’ tells stories of heroism and bravery as survivors of deadly animal attacks recount their tales.

Photo for Against the Tide

Against the Tide

This brand new six-part series follows a group of ordinary people from all over the world as they take on an extraordinary challenge; sailing around the World in an epic ten-month journey.

Photo for Against the Tide 2

Against the Tide 2

Follow a group of ordinary people as they embark on the challenge of a lifetime: to sail around the world in an epic 40,000-mile voyage, in the exciting second series of ‘Against The Tide'.

Photo for Aircrash Confidential

Aircrash Confidential

‘Air Crash Confidential' investigates various aviation disasters that have occurred over time and reveals how and why tragedy still happens today.

Photo for Alaska State Troopers

Alaska State Troopers

Go inside one of the world's most unique law enforcement agencies as the ‘Alaska State Troopers' fight crime, enforce fish and game regulations, and conduct search and rescue operations in America's last frontier.

Photo for Alaska Surviving the Last Frontier

Alaska Surviving the Last Frontier

Follow four groups of ordinary people as they give up the convenience and technology of modern life and attempt to survive the wilds of Alaska. Living in shelters ranging from cabins to canvas tents, the ‘Alaska Experiment’ volunteers will test themselves against the brutal Alaskan wilderness for 90 days.

Photo for Alaska's Great Race

Alaska's Great Race

‘Alaska’s Great Race’ follows the annual dog sled race which takes place in the heart of the Alaskan wilderness along the Iditarod National Historical Trail.

Photo for Alaska: Surviving The Final Frontier

Alaska: Surviving The Final Frontier

‘Alaska: Surviving The Final Frontier’ puts man against nature in an epic struggle. Immersive and powerful, this is the ultimate survival and wild food guide. With stunning aerial photography and sweeping panoramas, all captured in HD quality, ‘Alaska: Surviving The Last Frontier’ presents the full, dangerous beauty of …

Photo for Alone Among Grizzlies with Richard Terry

Alone Among Grizzlies with Richard Terry

Alone Among Grizzlies follows British cameraman Richard Terry as he teams up with Swiss biologist David Bittner in the remote Alaskan wilderness to gain an unprecedented insight into David's unique experiences with grizzlies.

Photo for The Alps From Above

The Alps From Above

Gain a breath-taking birds' eye view of the most prominent mountain range in Europe in brand new series ‘Alps From Above'.

Photo for America's Planned War On Britain

America's Planned War On Britain

In the 200 years since the American Revolution the United States and Great Britain have moved from enemies to firm allies. However, a top secret document found in the US National archive suggests that the establishment of the 'special relationship' was not as smooth as once thought.

Photo for American Chopper 5

American Chopper 5

AMERICAN CHOPPER profiles the lives of New York natives Paul Teutul Sr., Paul Jr. and Mikey of Orange County Choppers, creators of the world’s most outrageous custom motorcycles.

Photo for American Truckers

American Truckers

Explore one of the world's most difficult and dangerous jobs in brand new series ‘American Trucker'. Hosted by trucking-enthusiast Robb Mariani, this fascinating programme takes an insightful look at some of the most iconic machines, routes and locations that define this largely under-appreciated occupation.

Photo for Anatomy of a Combat Force

Anatomy of a Combat Force

In these episodes of "Anatomy Of A Combat Force" we go behind-the-scenes into two of the U.S. military's greatest fighting machines to understand how they work: a nuclear-powered SUBMARINE and a COMBAT FORCE.

Photo for Animal Gladiators

Animal Gladiators

‘Animal Gladiators’ explores Ancient Rome's fascination with gladiators battling to the death with exotic animals. The Roman Emperor was a powerful man and one of the ways he showcased his authority was to put on the most spectacular and dangerous shows at the coliseum. To achieve this, the Romans would capture large an…

Photo for Atlas 4D

Atlas 4D

Discovery Atlas, the award-winning series featuring stunning visuals and state-of-the-art graphics returns as ‘Atlas 4D’. Atlas 4D transports viewers through millions of years of evolving geology and climate - past, present and future.

Photo for Austin Stevens Most Dangerous

Austin Stevens Most Dangerous

New to Discovery World Italy, ‘Austin Stevens Most Dangerous' follows animal adventurer, Austin Stevens as he ventures across the World, in search of some of the most dangerous snakes known to man.

No Image Available

Azorian: The Raising Of The K-129

'Azorian: The Raising Of The K-129' uncovers how at the height of the Cold War, the K-129 had offered the US an abundance of unique intelligence targets, which was a vital opportunity to study Soviet nuclear weapons technology, and break into Soviet cryptographic systems.


Photo for Baby Planet

Baby Planet

Remarkable new series ‘Rise And Fall Of The Japanese Empire' explores Japan's ambitious but destructive attempts to lead the whole of Asia out from the shadow of European and American dominance.

Photo for Baker Boys: Inside the Surge

Baker Boys: Inside the Surge

Best selling journalist/filmmaker Jon Steele ("War Junkies") takes a journey inside the Iraq war in a manner never before seen on camera as he stays embedded for 90 days with the boys of Baker Company.

Photo for Battle For Warsaw

Battle For Warsaw

August 1944: the Polish Underground Armia Krajowa strikes back at their Nazi oppressors in one of the bloodiest battles of the second World War. Battling street by street to reclaim their city, the men, women and children of Warsaw gamble everything for victory

Photo for Battle Of Britain with David Jason

Battle Of Britain with David Jason

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, a defining moment of World War II, the much-loved British actor Sir David Jason presents this documentary account of that pivotal moment in the Second World War.

No Image Available

Becoming Barack

description to come

No Image Available

Bermuda Triangle Exposed

‘Bermuda Triangle Exposed’ explores the most deadly and unexplained marine graveyard on Earth. It spans from Bermuda to Miami to Puerto Rico; from 8,500 metres below the surface of the sea to 8,500 metres into the sky.

Photo for Beyond Survival With Les Stroud

Beyond Survival With Les Stroud

‘Beyond Survival' sees ‘Survivorman', Les Stroud seeking out the true masters of survival - the last indigenous tribes in the most remote corners of the planet.

Photo for Biblical Mysteries Explained

Biblical Mysteries Explained

Join Discovery World to explore the greatest events of the Bible and see how new scientific discoveries can explain how they happened.

Photo for Bizarre Foods

Bizarre Foods

Packing an open mind, a strong stomach and a healthy appetite for travel, internationally renowned chef and food writer Andrew Zimmern embarks on a mission to explore and share local delicacies from around the globe in 'Bizarre Foods'.

Photo for Blueprint For Disaster

Blueprint For Disaster

Discovery Channel investigates six of the world’s most disastrous malfunctions in ‘Blueprint For Disaster’.

Photo for Blueprint For Disaster 2

Blueprint For Disaster 2

This series investigates six of the world's most disastrous malfunctions. Each episode takes viewers into the heart of the despair and destruction.

Photo for Bombay Railway

Bombay Railway

Fascinating observational documentary ‘Bombay Railway’ takes an inside look at the incredible organisation of this railway as it struggles to cope with millions of passengers.

Photo for Bomber Boys

Bomber Boys

Investigate the compelling story of Britain's Royal Air Force Bomber Command crews, whose mission was to destroy Germany's industrial heartland through thousands of nightly raids, in extraordinary one-off special ‘Bomber Boys'.

Photo for Breaking Ice

Breaking Ice

‘Breaking Ice’, takes viewers aboard two icebreakers that journey to two extreme parts of the planet - the Arctic and the Antarctic.

Photo for Bush Pilots

Bush Pilots

Bush Pilots follows some of the most daring pilots in the world as they fly tourists and freight into Botswana's Okavango Delta and the Kalahari Desert.


Photo for Caroline Quentin: A Passage Through India

Caroline Quentin: A Passage Through India

British actress, Caroline Quentin, embarks on a colourful and diverse journey around India, starting in the far north, and working her way over 3500 miles to its southernmost tip.

Photo for Chasing Classic Cars 2

Chasing Classic Cars 2

Join Ferrari expert and master restorer, Wayne Carini, as he continues on his personal mission to uncover great cars and secret collections in the second series of ‘Chasing Classic Cars'.

Photo for Chasing Classic Cars 4

Chasing Classic Cars 4

Join Ferrari expert and master restorer, Wayne Carini, as he continues on his personal mission to uncover great cars and secret collections in the brand new fourth series of ‘Chasing Classic Cars'.

Photo for Chernobyl: Life in the Dead Zone

Chernobyl: Life in the Dead Zone

In 1986, the Chernobyl nuclear power lost control of one of its four reactors resulting chain reaction that created a series of explosions. ‘Chernobyl: Life in the Dead Zone’ explores how nature and animals would react and survive if the world was suddenly without humans. This fascinating programme takes place at the si…

No Image Available


‘Circus' is a new and exciting 6-part series that follows the travelling company of the Big Apple Circus.

Photo for Clash Of the Dinosaurs

Clash Of the Dinosaurs

'Clash of the Dinosaurs' is a thrilling series that presents dinosaurs as you have never seen them before - from the inside. It offers a sharp, definitive and highly entertaining guide to dinosaur anatomy using ground-breaking computer generated imagery and the latest biomechanical understanding. The deconstruction of t…

No Image Available

Codes and Conspiracies

‘Codes and Conspiracies', explores the unknown, hidden stories behind the world's most iconic places, groundbreaking inventions, and influential people.

Photo for Coldest Race on Earth with James Cracknell

Coldest Race on Earth with James Cracknell

Just months after surviving a near-fatal cycling accident, James takes to his bike again, to test the limits of human survival in a race that only a handful of endurance athletes in the world have ever attempted - The Yukon Arctic Ultra.

Photo for Combat Countdown

Combat Countdown

See the world's most powerful war machines in action in ‘Combat Countdown'.

Photo for Commander in Chief

Commander in Chief

From headline making news to secret evaluations made behind closed doors, uncover the real events that led to some of the most influential decisions ever made by America's presidents in ‘Commander In Chief'.

Photo for Counter Terrorist Unit

Counter Terrorist Unit

For the first time ever, undercover intelligence agents step out of the shadows to share never before heard stories of how they helped prevent catastrophic attacks against America.

Photo for Crash Of The Century

Crash Of The Century

‘Crash of the Century’ explores the tragic collision that occurred between two fully loaded airliners when a blanket of fog affected visibility with devastating consequences. On the afternoon of 27 March 1977, a KLM 747 and a Pan Am 747 crashed on the runway at Los Rodeos Airport in Tenerife. The Pan Am flight had been …

Photo for Crime Scene Wild

Crime Scene Wild

Animal Planet invites you to watch wildlife crime investigator Steve Galster take a direct approach to the grisly world of animal crime.

Photo for Crisis Control 2

Crisis Control 2

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a major ski resort or a show-stopping Cirque du Soleil performance? Find out as brand new series ‘Crisis Control' goes behind the scenes to reveal what it takes to operate and manage some of the biggest, most complex industrial hubs that humanity has ever built.

Photo for CSU


If you have ever wondered what it takes to become involved in the field of forensics then ‘CSU’ shows you how challenging this profession really is.

Photo for Curiosity - I, Caveman

Curiosity - I, Caveman

Could modern man survive the life of our earliest ancestors? Ten brave volunteers embark on an extraordinary social experiment, in this fascinating exploration of human evolution.

Photo for Curiosity - Volcano Time Bomb

Curiosity - Volcano Time Bomb

Join the world's leading experts as they use state-of-the-art CGI compositing techniques to journey into the heart of these monsters to demonstrate how they work and why they are so difficult to understand.

Photo for Curiosity 2

Curiosity 2

Fascinating series 'Curiosity' continues to explore some of the most iconic mysteries in science, nature, and society in six brand new episodes.

Photo for Curiosity: Plane Crash

Curiosity: Plane Crash

What happens when a plane crashes? Does bracing really help? Where is the best place to sit? And fundamentally, are planes designed so that passengers can survive? Find out as the world's leading aviation experts deliberately crash a 737 passenger jet into the Mexican desert in fascinating special ‘Curiosity: Plane Crash

Photo for Curiosity: Stonehenge

Curiosity: Stonehenge

Stonehenge is one of the most iconic monuments in the world. Older than the pyramids, it has stood as a beacon of early civilization for over four and a half thousand years.


Photo for Da Vinci's Machines

Da Vinci's Machines

Discovery Science presents ‘DaVinci’s Machines,’ a fascinating series bringing to life the drawings of one of the greatest artists of all time, Leonardo DaVinci. His drawings depict exceptionally engineered machines; however they are unlike anything that had been developed at the time they were created. Watch as a team …

Photo for Dakar Rally Frontline To Finish Line

Dakar Rally Frontline To Finish Line

Brand new show ‘Dakar Rally: Frontline To Finish Line', follows a team of amputees' attempts to take on the infamous driving challenge.

Photo for Dambusters: The Bouncing Bomb

Dambusters: The Bouncing Bomb

To mark the 60th Anniversary of the Dambusters raid - the most daring and influential technological achievement of World War II - ‘Dambusters: The Bouncing Bomb' has British engineers and pilots recreating the skills and ingenuity that enabled the original crews to strike at the heart of Germany's military operation.

Photo for Danger Hunters

Danger Hunters

‘Danger Hunters’ follows fearless presenter Gethin Jones as he joins the world’s biggest thrill-seekers and risks life and limb in search of nature's most deadly forces. While ordinary members of the public are evacuating, he runs head first into the danger zone right alongside obsessed enthusiasts. In this six-part ser…

Photo for Dangerous Flights

Dangerous Flights

Dangerous Flights is an action adventure series on the edge of aviation's final frontier, starring the daring mavericks who risk their lives in the high-danger, high-stress business of aircraft delivery.

Photo for Daredevils


‘Daredevils’ will have viewers on the edge of their seats as they witness what exactly compels people to push themselves beyond the physical and mental limits of human capability - risking their lives in the process.

Photo for Delta Divers

Delta Divers

‘Delta Divers' follows a team of highly-skilled underwater adventurers whose job is to dismantle unused or decaying oil rigs.

Photo for Did The Mob Kill JFK?

Did The Mob Kill JFK?

‘Did the Mob Kill JFK?’ is a one-hour documentary that presents compelling evidence supporting the theory that the mafia were behind JFK's assassination.

Photo for Dinosaur Planet

Dinosaur Planet

Narrated by Hollywood actor Christian Slater, this four part animation special, blends cinematic storytelling with the latest paleontological evidence, taking viewers on a colourful, dramatic journey into the life of dinosaurs.

Photo for Dinosaurs Decoded

Dinosaurs Decoded

T.rex and Triceratops are among the best-studied dinosaurs of all time, so how much more can we learn about them? Surprisingly, more than we ever thought.

Photo for Discovering Ardi

Discovering Ardi

The world premiere of ‘Discovering Ardi’ documents the incredible discovery of ‘Ardi’ - the female Ethiopian skeleton that has shed a new light on the origin of human evolution. At 4.4 million years old, ‘Ardi’ belonged to the species Ardipithecus ramidus and was found in Ethiopia's Afar Region in the Middle Awash study…

Photo for Discovery Atlas

Discovery Atlas

'Discovery Atlas' embarks on a journey to explore the great architecture, real culture, true beauty and immense diversity of four spectacular countries - Japan, Egypt, South Africa and France.

Photo for Dive to the Bottom of the World

Dive to the Bottom of the World

This one-hour special chronicles the dedication of biologists, engineers, geologists and oceanographers as they collaborate to deploy a unique, state-of-the-art deep-sea vehicle.

Photo for Don't Drive Here S2

Don't Drive Here S2

Don’t Drive Here returns for a second series and Host Andrew Younghusband is back to discover the perils of driving in cities that have the worst traffic in the world.

Photo for Doomsday - World War 1

Doomsday - World War 1

The First World War – carnage on a scale never-before seen. But how did it all start? And how did some key figures of WWII fare in the earlier war?

Photo for DR G - Season 4

DR G - Season 4

Unravel more forensic mysteries with a brand new series of ‘Dr. G Medical Examiner.' Every day Dr. Jan Garavaglia attempts to determine exactly how and why a person has died, often providing vital evidence that can lead to the conviction of brutal murderers. The series allows viewers to witness the surprising and shocki…


Photo for Echo and the Elephants of Amboseli

Echo and the Elephants of Amboseli

This series is the incredible story of a mother's journey to keep her family alive. ‘Echo' is a wise elephant matriarch who lives in Southern Kenya alongside fifteen hundred other wild African elephants.

Photo for Edge of War

Edge of War

Fascinating new series, ‘Edge of War' revisits the string of events that paved the way for the world's most critical declarations of war, examining each pivotal decision's unfurling with minute-by-minute storytelling.

Photo for Egypt


Description to come.

Photo for Egypt's Mystery Chamber

Egypt's Mystery Chamber

In February 2006 KV63, the first tomb to be found in the Valley in the Kings since King Tut’s, was opened. The team of archaeologists found seven mummies, 28 sealed storage jars, a beautiful gold coffin and some of the most fascinating artefacts ever found in the history of excavation. However, they had to stop excavati…

Photo for Encounters At The End Of The World

Encounters At The End Of The World

Acclaimed film director Werner Herzog travels to Antarctica to uncover the raw beauty and humanity on this fascinating continent. Accompanied by cinematographer Peter Zeitlinger, they meet the people who live and work there, and capture footage of a variety of unique locations. They begin their journey at McMurdo Statio…

Photo for The End of Red October

The End of Red October

Once the pride of the USSR, the Soviet’s fleet of nuclear submarines now lie rusting in the remote fjords of Murmansk. In ‘The End of Red October’, a concerned team of engineers takes on the challenge of cleaning up this nuclear mess and laying this Cold War relic to rest.

Photo for Engineering


Hurricanes, Earthquakes and Volcanoes are some of the most powerful phenomena know to man. Volcanoes can kill thousands, destroy entire cities and have the power to change the global climate. Powerful hurricanes can be hundreds of kilometres wide with winds reaching speeds of 140 kilometres per hour and earthquakes can …

Photo for Everest: Beyond the Limit

Everest: Beyond the Limit

ilmed during one of the deadliest and most controversial climbing seasons on record, the Discovery Channel’s ‘Everest: Beyond the Limit’ documents the tremendous efforts of one team of determined climbers and their leader, Russell Brice, as they attempt to reach the summit of Mount Everest.

Photo for Extreme Forensics

Extreme Forensics

Each episode explores two of the most bizarre forensic cases. We begin with a strange crime scene that rivals any urban legend.

Photo for Extreme Loggers

Extreme Loggers

‘Extreme Loggers', follows several different types of loggers, from logging companies whose families have been in the business for years, to major corporations who have managed to streamline the logging process but have been unsuccessful in curbing the dangers involved.


Photo for Falklands Hero: Bravo November

Falklands Hero: Bravo November

Mike Brewer presents a two-part documentary, Falklands Hero: Bravo November that offers an insight into the Chinook helicopter, one of the RAF's most revered aircrafts.

Photo for Final Days of an Icon 3

Final Days of an Icon 3

Their lives, their personalities and their talents were exceptional. Their achievements, commitment and success were out of the ordinary. What did they do, who did they meet during the final days before their lives were ended? Final days of an Icon 3 reveals all.

Photo for Finding Amelia

Finding Amelia

The first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean and to receive the U.S. Distinguished Flying Cross, Amelia Earhart led an illustrious career as an American aviation pioneer. In July 1937, Amelia mysteriously vanished from the skies.

Photo for The First World War From Above

The First World War From Above

The story of the Great War told from a unique new aerial perspective. Featuring two remarkable historical finds, including a piece of archive footage filmed from an airship in summer 1919, capturing the trenches and battlefields in a way that has rarely been seen before.

Photo for Flying Wild Alaska 2

Flying Wild Alaska 2

Join the unconventional Tweto family as they continue to transport life's necessities to one of the most remote and extreme regions of America in the brand new second series of ‘Flying Wild Alaska'.

Photo for Football Hooligans International

Football Hooligans International

‘Football Hooligans’ investigates the dark and sinister underworld of football related hostilities around the globe. Actor Danny Dyer, who played a vicious thug in a British film about football hooliganism, presents this eye-opening series


Photo for Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls

Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls

Programme description to come

Photo for God's Wrath

God's Wrath

The Bible contains some of the greatest stories of mass destruction to ever befall mankind, where God's Wrath set off disasters from Noah's Flood to Sodom and Gomorrah and the Ten Plagues of Egypt.

Photo for Gorilla School

Gorilla School

‘Gorilla School' follows the remarkable story of the release of captive-born gorillas back into the wild.

Photo for Great White Silence With James Cracknell

Great White Silence With James Cracknell

programme description to come

Photo for Greatest Tank Battles

Greatest Tank Battles

Filmed in actual battle locations, each episode gives a complete picture of tank warfare, from the General’s strategic eye view to the tank soldier’s frontline eye view; all meticulously analysed by expert military historians.


Photo for Hell On High Water

Hell On High Water

More people have stood on top of Mount Everest than have sailed solo around the world. Follow the stories of the five brave solo skippers as they undertake this gruelling challenge in brand new documentary series ‘Hell On High Water’.

Photo for Heroes Of Hell Island

Heroes Of Hell Island

Program info coming soon.

Photo for Hillbilly Handfishin'

Hillbilly Handfishin'

Welcome to the wild sport of noodling - fishing for catfish in the South of America, using your bare hands and feet!

No Image Available

Hillbilly Handfishin' 2

Oklahoma fishermen Skipper Bivins and Trent Jackson teach more city slickers the fine art of noodling, catching fish with your bare hands and feet, in the brand new second series of ‘Hillbilly Handfishin''.

Photo for History Cold Case USA

History Cold Case USA

In intriguing new series ‘History Cold Case USA', forensic experts from Texas State University Anthropology Laboratory investigate human skeletons found in the United States.

Photo for Hitler's Generals

Hitler's Generals

Conducting a significant analysis of the Nazi regime, ‘Hitler’s Generals’ examines Germany's highest-ranking military officers during World War II: Erwin Rommel, Friedrich Paulus, Ernst Udet, Eric Von Manstein and Wilhelm Canaris.

Photo for Hitler's Secret Science

Hitler's Secret Science

During World War II, Germany's most brilliant scientists raced to create terrifying new weapons of mass destruction. Before the war was over, Germany managed to produce many technological firsts that to this day, remain the basis for many air and spacecrafts.

Photo for HMS Ark Royal

HMS Ark Royal

Discovery World is joining the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal on her final, poignant voyage, capturing the incredible dedication and sheer professionalism of the 1000-strong crew of the ship, led by the indomitable Commanding Officer, Captain John Clink.

Photo for How to Command a Nuclear Submarine

How to Command a Nuclear Submarine

Action-packed documentary series, ‘How to Command a Nuclear Submarine', follows five Royal Navy recruits as they tough it out through the world's toughest officer training course. The Royal Navy's ‘Perisher' is the oldest, most prestigious and most brutal Naval experience on the planet.

Photo for How We Got Here

How We Got Here

‘How We Got Here' tells the stories of iconic Americans whose entrepreneurial genius radically changed their worlds and ours, creating new ideas and industries that transformed our nation in ways so profound, we often take them for granted today.

Photo for Human Prey

Human Prey

Human Prey’ presents a variety of bone-chilling attacks by some of world’s deadliest predators. Dramatic re-enactments and interviews with the victims demonstrate the unpredictability of a wild or caged animal and how these events took a dramatic turn for the worst.

Photo for Human Sacrifice

Human Sacrifice

‘Human Sacrifice’ examines the history of human sacrifice from around the globe. Each episode will explore historic and archaeological evidence, from the prehistoric era until the practice died out - or did it? We will see what the ancients said about human sacrifice, and ask overarching questions about the existence an…


Photo for I Shouldn't Be Alive - 3

I Shouldn't Be Alive - 3

The third series of ‘I Shouldn’t Be Alive’ depicts more extraordinary stories of the people who were faced with potentially fatal ordeals and lived to tell the tale.

Photo for I Shouldn't Be Alive 4

I Shouldn't Be Alive 4

‘I Shouldn't Be Alive' illustrates even more extraordinary stories of the people who have faced potentially fatal ordeals and lived to tell the tale.

Photo for I Shouldn't Be Alive 5

I Shouldn't Be Alive 5

I Shouldn't be Alive, returns to reveal more extraordinary stories of human survival against all the odds. Each one-hour episode presents a true-life story of endurance, using accurate reconstructions and the first-hand testimony of those who managed to overcome extraordinary danger.

Photo for I Was Bitten

I Was Bitten

From the arid deserts of the South Western United States, to the lethal waters of Australia, ‘I Was Bitten’ features victims of the most intense, gruesome, near fatal bites from around the world -- with actual photo and video footage.

Photo for In Pills We Trust

In Pills We Trust

Description to come.

Photo for Incredible Flying Cars

Incredible Flying Cars

Ever since autos have run the roads, inventors have been dreaming of ways to get them up in the air. In the last 100 years, some 300 flying car designs have actually made it off the ground, but none have commercially taken off.

Photo for Inside Planet Earth

Inside Planet Earth

‘Inside Planet Earth’ is a fascinating series giving viewers a unique opportunity to explore the thousands of miles of inaccessible rock and metal, searing heat, and crushing pressure below the Earth’s surface.

Photo for Inventions That Shook the World

Inventions That Shook the World

Fascinating 10-part series ‘Inventions That Shook The World' takes viewers on a decade-by-decade voyage of discovery through the century of innovation that transformed our world; the way we communicate, the way we think, the way we see ourselves.

Photo for Investigation Earth With Jeff Corwin

Investigation Earth With Jeff Corwin

In an enlightening one-hour special, animal expert Jeff Corwin gets up-close-and-personal with endangered animals all over the world to find out how humans have altered animal habitats in the wilderness in ‘Investigation Earth with Jeff Corwin’.


Photo for Jack The Ripper In America

Jack The Ripper In America

In 1888, a deranged killer stalked his prey on the streets of east London at night. After 110 years since the murder and mutilation of at least six prostitutes, the case remains unsolved and the true identity of Jack the Ripper has never been known.

Photo for James May’s 20th Century

James May’s 20th Century

‘James May’s 20th Century’ looks at advances in aviation, warfare, medicine and examines the strange story of how the 20th century invented teenagers. James strives to test out some of the most surprising and influential technological advances of the past hundred years.

Photo for Jesse James Outlaw Garage

Jesse James Outlaw Garage

Master fabricator Jesse James returns to his automotive roots in brand new series ‘Jesse James: Outlaw Garage'. Following his divorce from A-list movie star Sandra Bullock, Jesse moved himself and his family from California to Austin Texas, becoming part owner of the Austin Speed Shop.

Photo for Jesus: Man Behind the Myth

Jesus: Man Behind the Myth

Wars have been fought in his name, millions have devoted their lives to him but how much do we really know about Jesus ben Joseph of Galilee? What happened during the unmentioned years? Bible scholar Kent Dobson clears away layers of dogma and mystery and investigates the known facts about the man known as Jesus of Gali…

Photo for JFK: Inside The Target Car

JFK: Inside The Target Car

JFK: Inside The Target Car

Photo for JFK: The Lost Tapes

JFK: The Lost Tapes

‘JFK Air Force One Audio Tapes’, is a riveting, behind the scenes, story of a presidential assassination, a desperate police manhunt for the killer and the vital role of local pressmen in keeping the world informed.

Photo for JFK: The Ruby Connection

JFK: The Ruby Connection

‘JFK: The Ruby Connection’ will recreate the shooting of alleged assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald who was murdered by Jack Ruby on November 24, 1963. With shocking rare footage included, new theories on Ruby's real motivation for murdering Oswald are revealed.

Photo for Joanna Lumley's Nile

Joanna Lumley's Nile

In this stunning four-part series, British actress Joanna Lumley travels the entire length of the world's longest river, the Nile, from its mouth at Alexandria, to its source, high in the Rwandan mountains.

Photo for Joanna Lumley: Greek Odyssey

Joanna Lumley: Greek Odyssey

Joanna Lumley sets out to explore one of the most diverse and surprising countries in Europe, where much of western civilisation began, in her new four-part series ‘Joanna Lumley: Greek Odyssey'.


Photo for The Kennedy Detail

The Kennedy Detail

‘The Kennedy Detail’ will be told from the perspective of the Secret Service agents, who for nearly half a century have remained silent as their characters were questioned and their names were intermingled in various theories that have blurred history over time.

Photo for King Tut Unwrapped

King Tut Unwrapped

World-renowned Egyptologist Zahi Hawass leads an unprecedented forensic investigation into the life and times of King Tut that reveals for the first time the identity of Tut’s parents and grandparents, his cause of death and new details of his reign in a two-night world premiere special event, KING TUT UNWRAPPED.


Photo for Last Days Of The Dinosaur

Last Days Of The Dinosaur

'Last Days of the Dinosaurs' takes an unprecedented look at the lives of dinosaurs - a species that ruled the earth for 150 million years, then suddenly vanished.

Photo for Last Nazis

Last Nazis

‘The Last Nazis' is an absorbing three-part documentary series about surviving war criminals living in the 21st century.

Photo for Lemur Street

Lemur Street

On the tropical island paradise of Madagascar, all is not as it seems. In the beautiful Berenty Reserve, two warring gangs of ring tailed lemurs, led by two competing dominant females, zealously fight to defend their territory.

Photo for Life Behind The Wall

Life Behind The Wall

What was it really like to live in East Germany during the Cold War? Insightful series ‘Life Behind The Wall' seeks to tell the broad history of the German Democratic Republic through the lives and varied perspectives of its people.

Photo for Life on Fire

Life on Fire

‘Life on Fire' explores the human, social and economic impact of volcanic eruptions across the globe.

Photo for Lion Man: One World African Safari

Lion Man: One World African Safari

Brand new ‘The Lion Man: African Safari' features Kiwi farm boy Craig Busch, an experienced self-taught "wild cat trainer", creates a haven for rare, endangered cats such as white Bengal Tigers, Barbary Lions and White Lions at a reserve near Johannesburg.

Photo for Living with the Kombai Tribe

Living with the Kombai Tribe

Imagine abandoning all of your luxuries - or some would say "necessities" - of your everyday life: clothing, electricity, running water, supermarkets, the list is endless. Well that's exactly what extreme travellers Mark Anstice and Olly Steeds have done.

Photo for Loch Ness Revealed

Loch Ness Revealed

‘The Loch Ness Monster Revealed’ explores the truth behind the legendary creature that may or may not exist in Scotland's Loch Ness.

Photo for Long Way Down

Long Way Down

Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman take a trip of several months on motorcycles, travelling from the North of Scotland, down through Europe, into Africa, finally winding up in Cape Town, South Africa.

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Luftwaffe Man and Machines

This compelling documentary reveals the story behind the rise and fall of the German Air Force.


Photo for Man on Earth

Man on Earth

In ‘Man on Earth’ British actor Tony Robinson examines societies who have not only survived climate change, but flourished. He travels back through 200,000 years of human history to find out what happened to our ancestors when the impact of global warming turned their world upside down.

Photo for Man Who Cycled The Americas, The

Man Who Cycled The Americas, The

Description To Come

Photo for Mandella: The Path To Freedom

Mandella: The Path To Freedom

‘Mandela: The Path to Freedom’ is a fascinating documentary about the man who gave his life to his people and struggled against South Africa’s system of Apartheid.

Photo for Mao's Cold War

Mao's Cold War

There are two sides to every story. For over fifty years, the Chinese army guarded a top-secret film record of the Cold War. Now, newly available archives shed light on Chinese Cold War strategies and the tactics adopted by their soldiers during this turbulent time.

Photo for Mark Williams Big Bangs

Mark Williams Big Bangs

British Actor Mark Williams (aka Mr Weasley from the Harry Potter films) presents an amusing, and informative, history of explosives. Filmed in locations around the world, Mark investigates the science behind a variety of explosions - from the accidental discovery of gunpowder by Chinese alchemists 1000 years ago, to th…

Photo for Marley's Africa Road Trip

Marley's Africa Road Trip

MARLEY BROTHERS EMBARK ON SOUTH AFRICAN ROADTRIP Last summer Ziggy, Rohan and Robbie Marley travelled to Africa to embark upon an adventure, which has been captured for a new documentary, Marley Africa Roadtrip.

Photo for Meet the Elephant Man

Meet the Elephant Man

On the 120th anniversary of Merrick's death, and the 30th anniversary of the David Lynch film about his life, a team of experts have brought Joseph Merrick back to life.

Photo for Mighty Mississippi (correct one)

Mighty Mississippi (correct one)

Travel along the largest river system in the United States and explore the spectacular landscapes, diverse cultural heritage and industrial triumph nurtured on its banks in extraordinary new series ‘Mighty Mississippi'.

Photo for Mission Critical: Hubble

Mission Critical: Hubble

‘Mission Critical: Hubble’ follows NASA astronauts as they attempt the most dangerous shuttle mission in history.

Photo for Modern Sniper

Modern Sniper

Discovery World's new series, ‘Modern Sniper', looks at the advanced training techniques that transform ordinary men into smart, inventive soldiers; and delves into what it takes to be one of the top snipers in the Armed Forces.

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Monsoon Railways

‘Monsoon Railway' traces the amazing stories of some of the 1.5 million people who work for the world's greatest railway. For the last 150 years the railway in India has driven social and economic development in the country, and it is a railway on which the billion-strong population depends.

Photo for Monster Tracker

Monster Tracker

Host Kevin Grevioux takes viewers on a fascinating journey to investigate how the laws of science can explain the fantastic creatures of folklore and what would our world look like if they lived among us. Kevin’s background is in microbiology; however he makes his living as a screenwriter in Hollywood. In this exciting …

Photo for Monsters Inside Me

Monsters Inside Me

A 10-year-old boy mysteriously spikes a high fever after swimming in a warm freshwater lake; an 11-month-old becomes lethargic and unresponsive as something methodically destroys his brain; and a group of medical students return from spring break with terrible headaches and meningitis-like symptoms. Family and friends a…

Photo for Mystery Cars

Mystery Cars

In the 1950's, America had broken free from the shackles of wartime economics. Scientists had harnessed nuclear energy. Jetpropelled airplanes were breaking speed records... But perhaps more than anything else, one thing melded imagination and consumerism, putting this era in perfect context: The concept car.

Photo for Mystery Cars 2

Mystery Cars 2

In the 1950's, America had broken free from the shackles of wartime economics. It was a time for innovation, when scientists learned to harness nuclear energy and jet-propelled aeroplanes were breaking speed records.

Photo for Mystery Of The Lost Catacombs

Mystery Of The Lost Catacombs

In ‘Mystery of the Lost Catacombs’ venture beneath the Vatican in Rome, Italy, to witness the thousands of ancient Roman skeletons discovered by scientists in a catacomb.


Photo for NASA's Greatest Missions

NASA's Greatest Missions

To commemorate NASA’s 50th birthday, relive the dramatic story of the space agency’s pioneering, ‘Greatest Missions’ – join them from the early quest to break through the Sound Barrier

Photo for Nature's Power Revealed

Nature's Power Revealed

As part of Nature's Fury season on Discovery World, ‘Nature's Power Revealed' is a new and fascinating 3-part series which looks at the natural forms of destruction which take place on planet Earth.

Photo for Navy Seals: Class 234

Navy Seals: Class 234

Navy Seals: Class 234’ follows 150 men as they embark on a gruelling six month Basic Underwater Demolition training program. Each of the applicants of Class 234 have been selected from over 1500 eager men, but by the time the group graduate, only thirty-two will remain and go on to become US Navy SEALs.

Photo for Nazi Collaborators

Nazi Collaborators

The 13-part series ‘Nazi Collaborators' not only seeks to answer the question of why people collaborated with something so evil, but also tries to find out if; we had faced the moral dilemmas those people had faced, would we have acted any differently.

Photo for Nile: River Of Gods

Nile: River Of Gods

Description to Come

Photo for North America

North America

Traveling the continent for more than three years, from the frigid Yukon Territory, the lush forests of Belize, the snow-capped Rocky Mountains and the barren deserts of the American Southwest, North America, reveals that "survival of the fittest" is truly the law across this immense continent.

Photo for Nostradamus Decoded

Nostradamus Decoded

The predictions of the prophet Michel Nostradamus have fascinated people for centuries, and many believe that his prophesies relate to the catastrophes that take place in the world we live in today. For the first time, his words will be put to forensic test as we search for the truth about one of history’s most mysterio…

Photo for NYC Inside Out

NYC Inside Out

This series explores the jaw-dropping science and mechanics that help to make New York City so incredible.


Photo for Ocean Voyagers

Ocean Voyagers

Telling the story of the relationship between a mother whale, Mara, and her baby, Kell, 'Ocean Voyagers' provides a startlingly intimate portrait of Humpback life.

Photo for OIl, Sweat And Rigs

OIl, Sweat And Rigs

Info to follow

Photo for On The Run

On The Run

Watch as law enforcement officers pursue some of the world’s most slippery white-collar criminals in ‘On The Run’.This hi-stakes chase series follows the dedicated law enforcement agencies as they track down the world's cleverest and most dangerous fugitives, with unrelenting persistence and innovative procedures. The c…

Photo for One Of A Kind

One Of A Kind

‘One of a Kind’ peels back the paint, goes under the hood and puts you behind the wheel of singular, factory-built vehicles.

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Out of the Wild: Venezuela

Out Of The Wild: Venezuela' sees nine ordinary people have volunteered to participate in one of the world's most intense tests of will.

Photo for Outlaw Bikers 2

Outlaw Bikers 2

‘Outlaw Bikers’ returns to our screens for a second time. The leather-jacketed, long-haired biker out on the open road is a modern American icon. They are a symbol of freedom, and of rebellion, and this image has been portrayed in iconic films such as 'The Wild One' and 'Easy Rider'. However there has always been a dark…


Photo for Pacific Tragedy: USS Indianapolis

Pacific Tragedy: USS Indianapolis

Programme description to come

Photo for Perfect Disaster

Perfect Disaster

Expert scientific testimony, specially commissioned computer models and stunning CGI visuals combine to create the most realistic perfect storms in this six-part series ‘Perfect Disaster'. Stunning CGI will thrust you inside the storms, providing an exclusive look at the precise atmospheric factors that combine to create

Photo for The Petrol Age

The Petrol Age

‘The Petrol Age’ is a brand new four-part series, presented by English actor and petrol head Paul McGann. The series tells the absorbing story of British motoring across the ages, through the iconic cars and incredible personalities that helped establish the UK as a major driving force in the global motoring industry.

Photo for Pope John Paul II - Ambassador of Peace

Pope John Paul II - Ambassador of Peace

John Paul II is widely acclaimed as one of the most influential leaders of the twentieth century. He transformed what it means to be Pope and travelled the world standing up for human rights and fighting violence and oppression. This documentary reveals the story of this ambassador of peace and his influential impact on…

Photo for Prehistoric Assassins

Prehistoric Assassins

‘Prehistoric Assassins' is a two-part series that looks at some of the fiercest creatures to ever roam the planet, and discovers that although long extinct; their prehistoric weapons can still be found today.

Photo for Prehistoric Disasters

Prehistoric Disasters

Since the Earth's creation the planet has been struck by a series of catastrophes, each one pushing life to the edge of extinction.

Photo for The President's Gatekeepers

The President's Gatekeepers

The President's Gatekeepers reveals the extraordinary behind the scenes history of the White House Chiefs of Staff.

Photo for Prophets of Science Fiction

Prophets of Science Fiction

Ridley Scott, the creative genius behind legendary Hollywood classics including "Alien," "Blade Runner" and "Gladiator," comes to Science with the brand new eight-part series, Prophets of Science Fiction.


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Race To Dakar

‘Race To Dakar’ is the story of actor and Long Way Round adventurer Charley Boorman's assault on the most dangerous motorcycle race on earth - The Dakar Rally. From Portugal to Senegal via 10,000km of some of the harshest and most treacherous riding conditions imaginable; ‘Race To Dakar’ is an extraordinary story of the…

Photo for Raging Planet 2

Raging Planet 2

The second series of ‘Raging Planet’ explores the power and the beauty of natural phenomena on earth. Covering a variety of dramatic weather, viewers get up-close to the incredible forces which have shaped our world. See exciting footage of amazing storms, find out why volcanoes are such a volatile threat to the world's…

Photo for Rameses: The Great Pharaoh

Rameses: The Great Pharaoh

Egyptologist Professor Kent Weeks leads a team of international scientists and forensic archaeologists investigate the links between the Old Testament, Pharaoh Rameses the Great and a skull found in the largest tomb ever unearthed in Egypt.

Photo for Real Emergency calls

Real Emergency calls

‘Real Emergency Calls’ takes a look inside an emergency service centre in Philadelphia USA, which receives 3 million life-threatening calls annually. The operators coordinate police, emergency and fire-fighter teams with priority code systems, electronic locator maps and cutting-edge technology.

Photo for Real ER: The Bronx

Real ER: The Bronx

‘Real ER: The Bronx’ is a medical documentary focusing on the lives of a team of emergency room doctors, in one of New York City’s busiest hospitals- St Barnabas Hospital in the South Bronx, USA.

Photo for Return To The Bermuda Triangle

Return To The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most enduring enigmas of modern times - over a million square miles of the most mysterious, the most feared, and arguably the most dangerous stretch of ocean on the planet.

Photo for Richard III: King In A Car Park

Richard III: King In A Car Park

When a skeleton was reported found under a Leicester council car park in September 2012, the news broke around the world. Could it be the remains, lost for 500 years, of England's most infamous king?

Photo for Richard III: The Unseen Story

Richard III: The Unseen Story

This special follow-up programme has mined unseen footage of the dig and tests, and conducted fresh interviews with the lead scientists, to reveal multiple new dimensions to the hunt for England's long-lost king.

Photo for Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero

Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero

Chronicling the historic reconstruction of Ground Zero, Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero, showcases the men and women determined to rebuild and restore a sacred site, constructing the new, 104-story One World Trade Centre.


Photo for The Sahara Challenge

The Sahara Challenge

The Mad Way South adventure was initiated by Geoff Wilson, a Veterinary Surgeon and adventure junkie from the Gold Coast Australia. With the help of New Zealand kite manufacturer Craig Hansen, they formed a team of Adventurers and support crew that could ultimately make this "thought in the night" become a reality.

Photo for Salvage Hunters

Salvage Hunters

Meet modern-day treasure hunter Drew Pritchard. With demanding customers, high turnover, and one of the biggest decorative salvage yards in Britain, Drew travels the country, searching for derelict gems and forgotten remnants.

Photo for Saving a Species: Gorillas On The Brink

Saving a Species: Gorillas On The Brink

In this edition of the multiple Emmy nominated 'Saving A Species', acclaimed actress Natalie Portman journeys deep into Rwanda's rainforest for the adventure of a lifetime - she is in search of the Mountain Gorilla; this rare species is on the verge of extinction, and Natalie is determined to help.

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Saving Ronald Reagan

On March 30 1981, as Ronald Reagan paused to wave at reporters outside the Washington Hilton Hotel, six shots rang out. Instinctively special agent Jerry Parr hustled the seemingly unhurt president into his waiting limo, but as the car sped away, Reagan coughed up blood and accused Parr of breaking one of his ribs.

Photo for Science of the Movies

Science of the Movies

‘Science of the Movies’ invites you on an incredible journey exploring the scientific world that exists behind the movie screen.

Photo for Searching for the Truth

Searching for the Truth

Programme information to come

Photo for Secret Mediterranean

Secret Mediterranean

‘Secret Mediterranean', hosted by British newsreader and journalist, Sir Trevor McDonald, explores the various countries that make up this region, their individual cultures and traditions and discovers a truly secret Mediterranean.

Photo for Secrets of the Blitz

Secrets of the Blitz

In brand new show, ‘Secrets Of The Blitz', the story of the life and death struggle in Britain's blitzed cities is revealed using the reports of the secret Home Intelligence Department.

Photo for Secrets of the Secret Service

Secrets of the Secret Service

‘Secrets of the Secret Service’ provides a fascinating insight into America’s most mysterious law enforcement agency.

Photo for Shackleton's South With James Cracknell

Shackleton's South With James Cracknell

Shackleton's South is film-maker Frank Hurley's astonishing documentary of Sir Ernest Shackleton's heroic but ill-starred two-year voyage and epic struggle for survival.

Photo for Shadow Ops

Shadow Ops

info to follow

Photo for Showdown: Air Combat

Showdown: Air Combat

Showdown: Air Combat features recreations of history's most compelling aerial combat manoeuvres with restored aircrafts from every era of airborne warfare. Hosted by U.S. Air Force Major Paul "Max" Moga of the Air Combat Command's 1st Fighter Wing.

Photo for Smash Lab

Smash Lab

Smash Lab is a ground-breaking new series that challenges a team of maverick engineers and designers to take existing technology and apply it in revolutionary new life-preserving ways.

Photo for Snow Blind

Snow Blind

The Iditarod is known to be the world's toughest race. More people have successfully climbed Mount Everest than have finished the thousand-mile journey on a dogsled through Alaska's arctic winter. Born legally blind, 23-year-old Rachael Scdoris has brought her own very special brand of heroism to this epic race.

Photo for Solidarity


Description to come.

Photo for Solved


‘Solved’ explores some of America’s most sensational and compelling unsolved, crimes of all time. Join Discovery World on a journey inside elite police investigative units. Utilising the brilliant minds of leading experts from the investigative world of crime-solving, this powerful team will come together in one room, a…

Photo for Solving History with Olly Steeds

Solving History with Olly Steeds

‘Solving History with Olly Steeds’ sees the journalist on a mission to investigate the truth behind some of the world's biggest mysteries. From the harsh deserts of Egypt, to remote mountains in the Andes - he goes in search of the facts and exposes some startling truths along the way.

Photo for South Africa Walks

South Africa Walks

British presenter Julia Bradbury embarks on a truly grand adventure in South Africa, taking her on four very different walks that will explore the place that claims to be ‘a world in one country'.

Photo for Spies Beneath Berlin

Spies Beneath Berlin

The story of the Berlin spy tunnel is one of the most exciting of the Cold War, and recent declassifications by the CIA have shed new light on what happened.

Photo for Spy Wars

Spy Wars

Discovery World offers an insightful look into the world of espionage in this gripping new series ‘Spy Wars'.

Photo for Storm Chasers 2008

Storm Chasers 2008

‘Storm Chasers 2008’ meets the motley collection of scientists, enthusiasts and eccentrics who are preparing themselves for another season of deadly tornados.

Photo for Storm Chasers 2010

Storm Chasers 2010

‘Storm Chasers’ is back with bigger storms and higher stakes. Get a front row seat to nature's fury in the heart of "Tornado Alley" as scientists, researchers and weather enthusiasts pursue the ultimate tornado footage.

Photo for Storm Chasers 2011

Storm Chasers 2011

Extreme meteorologist Reed Timmer, IMAX filmmaker Sean Casey and veteran chaser Tim Samaras are back tracking the monster tornados that made headlines in the new series of Storm Chasers.

Photo for Storm Chasers 3

Storm Chasers 3

‘STORM CHASERS' roars back for an all-new season on Discovery Channel. Get a front row seat to nature's fury in the heart of "Tornado Alley" as scientists, researchers and weather enthusiasts gear up in their pursuit of the ultimate tornado footage.

Photo for Storm Rider

Storm Rider

In ‘Storm Rider’ prepare to witness the world's biggest storms and meet the individuals who live directly in the path of nature's fury.

Photo for Storming Juno

Storming Juno

Storming Juno is a riveting and harrowing retelling of the opening hours of the largest seaborne invasion in history - D-Day. It follows the stories of three Canadians who are amongst the very first Allied soldiers to go into combat.

Photo for The Storms of War

The Storms of War

Yugoslavian military meteorologist Dr Vladimir Jankovic braves the most extreme weather on earth to reveal how the elements have been instrumental in causing armies to lose and win wars.

Photo for Strip The City

Strip The City

Program info coming soon.

Photo for Stunt Stars

Stunt Stars

In the entertainment world, stunt men and women have thrilled audiences with daring and spectacular performances.

Photo for Submarine Patrol

Submarine Patrol

Unlike other theatres of war, the world of the submarine has long remained shrouded in mystery. Stealthily navigating vessels that are more complicated than a space shuttle, through watery realms that are less explored than space, the covert missions of the Royal Navy's submarines are kept top secret.

Photo for Surviving Disaster

Surviving Disaster

‘Surviving Disaster' is a series unlike any other, providing you with the crucial knowledge that could save your life in a dangerous situation.

Photo for Surviving Sharks

Surviving Sharks

Les Stroud heads out to the Bahamas and to South Africa to test whether the behaviour of Caribbean reef sharks and great white shark changes depending upon the time of day. While in South Africa, Les and marine biologist Jeremiah Sullivan conduct an analysis of the great white’s bite, and test whether kicking and splash…

Photo for Surviving the Cut

Surviving the Cut

‘Surviving the Cut' offers viewers extraordinary, unprecedented access into the intense world of military special-forces training.

Photo for Survivorman 3

Survivorman 3

Survival expert and intrepid explorer Les Stroud is back for a third season of ‘Survivorman’. No food, no water, no shelter, Survivorman’s Les Stroud must rely on his years of training, raw instincts and sheer will to survive alone for seven days in the world’s harshest environments with little more than a multitool.

Photo for Survivorman: Ten Days

Survivorman: Ten Days

Join adventurer and survival expert Les Stroud as he undertakes his toughest challenge yet in brand new ‘Survivorman: Ten Days’.


Photo for Tattoo Hunter

Tattoo Hunter

Tattoo Hunter follows Tattoo Anthropologist Lars Krutak as he investigates ancient body modification rituals from around the world.

Photo for Ten Commandments of the Mafia

Ten Commandments of the Mafia

In Palermo, Sicily on November 7th, 2007, Italian police discovered a secret Mafia code of conduct. Now for the first time, learn from former mobsters what the rules of membership are, how they work and what happened to mobsters when they questioned the ‘Ten Commandments of the Mafia’.

Photo for Three Men Go To Venice

Three Men Go To Venice

The trio of Rory McGrath, Griff Rhys Jones and Dara O Briain head to Montenegro, where they catch a lift on a military motor yacht that used to be used by Marshal Tito, the leader of the Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia. Rory finds plenty of clues as to what the charismatic Socialist leader got up to onboard.

Photo for Timewatch


‘Timewatch’ is a series of first-class documentaries on historical subjects, spanning all human history.

Photo for Titanic: Birth of a Legend

Titanic: Birth of a Legend

The Titanic's final hours are well documented, but how did she come into existence? Combining cutting edge computer graphics, dramatic recreations, painstaking research and first hand evidence, ‘Titanic: Birth of a Legend' charts her progress from dream, to drawing board, and ultimately, to disaster.

Photo for Titanic: The Aftermath

Titanic: The Aftermath

Beginning where other accounts usually end, drama documentary 'Titanic: The Aftermath', tells the story of the remarkable mission to recover and identify the bodies of victims.

Photo for Toughest Military Jobs

Toughest Military Jobs

Defending a nation is no easy task. With just one mistake, billions of dollars along with countless lives can be lost. In ‘Toughest Military Jobs', viewers explore the most difficult and dangerous jobs on land, in the air, at sea and at military bases across the world.

Photo for Toughest Race on Earth with James Cracknell

Toughest Race on Earth with James Cracknell

New to Discovery World comes ‘Toughest Race on Earth With James Cracknell’, as the British Olympian athlete and adventurer, surrenders his body to science, becoming a living, breathing, competing experiment.

Photo for Trashopolis


New series ‘Trashopolis' explores the dark and ugly secret which lies beneath the streets of every major city around the globe.

Photo for Trashopolis 2

Trashopolis 2

‘Trashopolis' is back with a brand new series exploring the dark and ugly secret which lies beneath the streets of every major city around the world. Find out how these modern and iconic cities could not have been built without... trash!

Photo for Trek Nation

Trek Nation

‘Trek Nation' journeys with Rod Roddenberry, the son of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, as he explores his father's legacy. Rod's quest takes him boldly beyond the pointy ears and beneath the costumes to a deeper understanding of one of the most hugely successful sci-fi entities of all time.

Photo for The True Story (aka True Stories)

The True Story (aka True Stories)

‘The True Story' is a fascinating six-part documentary series revealing the real-life events that inspired some of Hollywood's most famous blockbusters. Episodes uncover the actual stories and characters behind classic films including Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Braveheart, and Saving Private Ryan.

Photo for Tyrannosaurus Sex

Tyrannosaurus Sex

‘Tyrannosaurus Sex’ is a groundbreaking programme that investigates dinosaur reproduction.


Photo for Ultimate Survival

Ultimate Survival

British mountaineer and adventurist Bear Grylls travels the globe, revealing fundamental survival skills needed to endure some of the most extreme places on earth, from the European Alps to Utah’s Mohab Desert.

Photo for Under New York

Under New York

‘Under New York’ is a fascinating exploration into how billions of gallons of water a day manages to reach the thirsty residents of New York. With a population of approximately eight million people, they are dependant on a water system reliable enough to cope with demand. Structural engineer John Rosiello and mechanical…

Photo for Undercover


The use of videotape to record criminal activities is expanding to more kinds of investigations. Take a look at undercover operations and learn about the limits the law places on "sting" operations.

Photo for Unsolved History

Unsolved History

UNSOLVED HISTORY is history the way it WAS. Each program will answer one question surrounding an instantly recognizable "name brand" historical event - a subject that people have heard about - but don't REALLY know.

Photo for Urban Explorers

Urban Explorers

'Urban Explorers' is an adventure into the past: four trekkers entering into dangerous terrain to uncover secrets about some of America's greatest cities.


Photo for Victoria Wood's Nice Cup Of Tea

Victoria Wood's Nice Cup Of Tea

‘Victoria Wood’s Cup Of Tea’, follows comedy legend Victoria Wood as she travels the globe to explore Britain's love affair with tea in a two part special on the little plant that changed the world.

Photo for Victory By Design

Victory By Design

Part of the exciting ‘World In Motion' stunt which immerses viewers in the world of classic machines; from collector's cars, to incredibly fast trains, ships and planes that were the milestones of the technological revolution, comes ‘Victory By Design'.


Photo for W.T.C. 9-11 Stories From The Ruins

W.T.C. 9-11 Stories From The Ruins

A profile of the World Trade Center recovery effort, and how finding and returning personal objects helped bring some healing to people who lost loved ones on 9/11.

Photo for Walking the Amazon

Walking the Amazon

n April 2008 ex-soldier and explorer Ed Stafford and his friend Luke Collyer embarked on a colossal challenge: to walk the entire length of the Amazon, from its source in Southern Peru to its mouth on the Brazilian coast.

Photo for War Detectives

War Detectives

‘The War Detectives’ tells of the most brutal crimes committed by man and of the intrepid teams of policemen, doctors, lawyers, scientists and investigators who track down the perpetrators

Photo for War Horse

War Horse

Combining the latest historical research with rare archive material and testimonies, ‘War Horse: The Real Story' tells the extraordinary and deeply moving true story of the million British horses who served in World War One.

Photo for We Built This City

We Built This City

‘The Big Apple,’ ‘The City of Lights’ and ‘Old London Town’ – long before these world-famous cities earned their reputations as international hubs for fun, fame and fashion, they were humble settlements and trading centres. So how did a small island give birth to London, a top world power and one of the most famous citie

Photo for Weapon Masters

Weapon Masters

‘Weapon Masters’ is an action packed series about developing a new breed of weapons using innovative technology. Join our hosts Mike and Chad, along with the help of a crack team of world renowned weapons experts on location to see these weapons being developed, used, tried and tested.

Photo for Whale Wars 4

Whale Wars 4

Captain Paul Watson and his team of Sea Shepherd volunteers return in adrenaline-fuelled series, ‘Whale Wars'. Follow the fleet as they wage a life-and-death battle to find and stop Japanese ships from hunting whales in the name of research.

Photo for Whale Wars3

Whale Wars3

Captain Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society return for a new adrenaline-fueled season of ‘Whale Wars', waging a life-and-death battle to find and stop Japanese ships from hunting whales in the name of research.

Photo for Whale Wars: Viking Shores

Whale Wars: Viking Shores

The Faroe Islands are a self-governing Danish Territory of 50,000 people - descendants of Vikings, bound by proud tradition, who have fished these waters for thousands of years. Every year, Faroese people gather to herd pilot whales to their shallow shores to be killed for their meat.

Photo for When Disaster Strikes

When Disaster Strikes

When disaster strikes, the first thing we all ask is: why? Massive fires, catastrophic technical glitches, explosions and natural disasters - these incidents shock and fascinate populations across the globe. Our first concern is for the victims, but eventually we want answers to our questions.

Photo for When Weather Changed History

When Weather Changed History

‘When Weather Changed History’ is a compelling series showcasing the weather that has quite literally changed our world. It highlights the unexpected ways in which the power of Mother Nature can cause unforeseen danger and transform people’s lives in a matter of seconds. Witness the events that lead up to the crash of D…

Photo for When Weather Changed History 2

When Weather Changed History 2

The second in an innovative series spotlighting the weather that has quite literally changed our world.

Photo for Who Framed Jesus?

Who Framed Jesus?

‘Who Framed Jesus?’ is a fascinating documentary which takes a forensic approach to examining the murder of Jesus of Nazareth in the city of Jerusalem.

Photo for World's Lost Tribes

World's Lost Tribes

Imagine abandoning all of your luxuries - or some would say "necessities" - of your everyday life: clothing, electricity, running water, supermarkets, the list is endless.

Photo for World's Toughest Expeditions with James Cracknell

World's Toughest Expeditions with James Cracknell

In remarkable new adventure series ‘World's Toughest Expeditions With James Cracknell', the double Olympic gold medal winner embarks on some of the hardest journeys ever made throughout history.

Photo for World's Toughest Tribes

World's Toughest Tribes

‘World’s Toughest Tribes’ goes behind the scenes of today’s unique modern tribes created by our own developed world. Host Ben Anderson travels the globe, living and working alongside a variety of different tribes, exploring the dangerous lives they lead, and the unique codes of brotherhood and loyalty which bind them to…


Photo for Zero Hour 2 - Capturing Saddam

Zero Hour 2 - Capturing Saddam

Programme description to come

Photo for Zero Hour 3

Zero Hour 3

Many seminal moments in recent history have shocked and changed our world; the brutal massacre of the Nepalese royal family in 2001; harrowing hostage rescues in Lima and Sierra Leone; and the tragic final flight of the Space Shuttle Columbia in 2003. 'Zero Hour', now in it's third and best series yet, profiles the fina…